Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout game review on Switch

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout game review on Switch

After Rocket League, it’s the turn of the colorful Fall Guys to opt for free-to-play! Since June 21 – on all platforms – you can enjoy the funny races without spending a penny. A new page that comes with a highly anticipated Nintendo Switch version. So what’s it worth on the Japanese company’s hybrid console? So here is our verdict.

All images in this article are from the Nintendo Switch version of Fall Guys.

It’s been a long time since the first release of Fall Guys ! In nearly two years, the title of Mediatonic has grown quite a bit, welcoming new events over the seasons (Middle Ages, Winter, Treasure Hunt). But more than a new theme, a new era is now beginning. Eh yes, Fall Guys is going free-to-play and tumbles on the way on Nintendo Switch. A highly anticipated version originally planned for 2021, but postponed following the acquisition of Mediatonic’s parent company by Epic Games (Fortnite). Now that all the lights are green, it’s time to take part in crazy races on the hybrid console.

It swings on Switch

As soon as we talk about Switch porting, the question of technique inevitably comes up. And Fall Guys is doing pretty well on Nintendo’s console. Of course, you have to be content with a framerate of 30 frames per second and fairly present aliasing – nevertheless softened in portable mode. But the important thing is there: the action remains fluid, on TV as on the road, and we find without difficulty the good feelings of the basic game. Yes, because it’s always so fun to participate in races like Total Wipeout, with 60 players, to try to win the victory. Despite everything, we would not have said no to a slightly more accomplished version. Fall Guys is not a frankly greedy game and in the state, beyond a few slowdowns, we especially regret the jerks for the rendering of the other competitors (with a few “T-Pose” as a bonus). It is therefore difficult to read their trajectory, which can prove decisive during a game. A defect that often arises at the start of the match, when the crowd is dense. Future updates should fix this.

Fall Guys Free: Free-to-play and Nintendo Switch, a winning combo?

A matter of weight:

If you’re ever wondering, the Nintendo Switch version of Fall Guys weighs in at 1.9GB.

For the rest, not much to say, except that the playing comfort seemed better to us in portable mode. Note also that you do not need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play Fall Guys. However, you will absolutely need an Epic Games account. Yes, it is mandatory. After setting all of this up at launch, you will be able to access your Epic contact list on the right of the screen with the “-” key. Not bad for quickly starting a game with friends, since Fall Guys is now cross-platform | cross-progression. Basically, you can compete against players from any medium and find your save whether on PC or consoles. A perfect feature combined with the Nintendo Switch version! We did the test, with a computer connected to the Epic Games Store, we immediately found the game started on the small portable console.

Fall Guys – Crazy Race on Nintendo Switch (Gameplay)

New in free-to-play?

Now that we have swept the technical aspect, another – thorny – question remains. How does the free-to-play model impact the progression of this good Fall Guys? If you have been marked by controversy Diablo Immortal, Do not worry. Here, all premium purchases are for cosmetic items only : costumes, gestures, colors for your avatar or decorations for your nickname. To be more concrete, Fall Guys offers two Season Passes: one free, de facto integrated into the progression, and the other paid, described as “a boosted version” of the one mentioned above. Its price: just under 8 euros. As you can imagine, the rewards are much more attractive in the second case (Ezio from Assassin’s Creed or Among Us in particular). So it’s up to you to see if you want to fall for these pretty outfits!

Fall Guys Free: Free-to-play and Nintendo Switch, a winning combo?Fall Guys Free: Free-to-play and Nintendo Switch, a winning combo?

In any case, the premium look of Fall Guys isn’t intrusive at all. A very good thing. The only things that will “force” you to checkout: being tempted by the prices locked on the standard Season Pass; be jealous of premium players who curl up in their dream clothes. Note that Fall Guys’ top-of-the-line currency – the “Emissous” – can occasionally be unlocked in the free progression system, but not enough to buy the higher Season Pass. Eye-shopping will rely on the less valuable currency, Kudos, to be earned by playing online, completing challenges, and leveling up. All in all, you will therefore have something to please you without spending a penny. Note that if you have purchased Fall Guys in the past, you will be entitled to the Legacy Pack containing the first Season Pass, pocket money in Kudos and other small bonuses. The icing on the cake: if you complete the Season Pass 1 at 100%, that of Season 2 will be offered to you free of charge.


Strong points

  • A Switch version that holds up
  • Always fun and enjoyable game
  • Previous events included
  • Non-intrusive business model

Weak points

  • Some technical issues

As you will have understood, with the Nintendo Switch version and this move to free-to-play, Fall Guys is in perfect continuity with what it has always offered: a pleasant and fun game, which is now possible to take everywhere with you. A new era that makes it even more mainstream than in the past, especially with the arrival of cross-platform and cross-progression. With that in mind, Fall Guys’ new business model isn’t intrusive at all, with real-money purchases being for cosmetic items only. What to enjoy without worrying about the levels already added and those that are coming. We just regret a slightly disappointing Switch version. In short, it’s the perfect opportunity to launch the crazy races of Fall Guys!


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