EXCLUDED – “He was losing his mind”: Elie Semoun looks back on his father's last days

EXCLUDED – “He was losing his mind”: Elie Semoun looks back on his father’s last days

While the movie Ducobu president! released on July 13, 2022 on French screens, Elie Semoun who directed, wrote and starred in the feature film, is the guest of Bernard Montiel this Saturday July 2, 2022 on RFM. He confided in the last days of his father who died two years ago of Alzheimer’s disease.

It is a pain that Elie Semoun shares with Bernard Montiel. While the host and columnist lost his mother to Alzheimer’s disease, he took advantage of his interview with Élie Semoun on RFM this Saturday, July 2, to evoke the memory of the actor’s father, who died of the same disease two years ago. Elie Semoun then produced a documentary about his father’s last daysentitled “My pal“, co-directed with Marjory Déjardin, which reveals the consequences of the disease on the daily life of the father and the son as well as on their tender relationship. Broadcast on the LCP channel in December 2020this film had moved viewers, as well as Bernard Montiel: “When I saw your documentary, I was overwhelmed because it’s so right”.

Elie Semoun looked back on the set of this documentary and the last days of his father whose death was, according to him, accelerated by the confinement: “We filmed him at the beginning of the disease, of course. We cut the cameras when he entered the EHPAD in Lyon. It would have been unhealthy to film him because he was thin, he was losing his mind a bit .” The director of Ducobu president!in theaters July 13, 2022confessed to Bernard Montiel to have been surprised by the emotion generated by his documentary: “I thought it was only going to be about the Semoun family, it was going to be something a bit self-centered, and ultimately it’s a pretty universal documentary.”

Elie Semoun still suffers from the absence of his father

This second film by Elie Semoun, after Ducobu 3 released in 2020, is dedicated to his father, Paul Semoun, as Bernard Montiel pointed out during the interview. Today, he is very active in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease, which affects nearly 900,000 people in France. Sponsor of the Foundation for Medical Research, he does not hesitate to give advice and talk about the role of helping. The memory of his father’s death is still painful for the comedian and humoristas he puts it himself: “It was, for my sister and me, a great pain. We will never be able to say dad to someone again.”

The full interview of Elie Semoun by Bernard Montiel can be found this Saturday July 2, on RFMfrom 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.


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