EXCLUDED – Dany Boon: his daughter in the casting of a famous film by Elie Semoun – Gala

EXCLUDED – Dany Boon: his daughter in the casting of a famous film by Elie Semoun – Gala

Elie Semoun will be the guest of Bernard Montiel on RFM this Saturday, July 12 at noon, on the occasion of the release of Ducobu president!, which he directed and in which he retains his mythical role of Gustave Latouche. The actor confided that Dany Boon’s daughter, Sarah, is part of the cast and that she has been assigned a very special role…

Notice to fans of the biggest dunce in France : the student Ducobu makes his big comeback to the cinema next July 13, in a fourth installmentdirected by Elie Semoun. On this occasion, the legendary interpreter of Professor Latouche spoke with Bernard Montiel on the airwaves of RFM, whose interview will be broadcast this Saturday July 2 and whose Gala got an extract. The 58-year-old actor began by laying out the synopsis of Ducobu president! : “It’s back to school at Saint-Potache. There is a bad guy who arrives in the teachers’ room and announces that there will be new methods imposed on Saint-Potache. Among other things, an election, to elect the student president, one who will speak on behalf of all students.” In this comedy inspired by this year’s elections 2022so the little ones will have to choose their representative. “We have a caricature of Marine Le Pen, which is interpreted by the girl by Danny BoonSarah Boon”then revealed the star.

Taken aback by this unexpected news, Bernard Montiel joked about the role played by the girl: “That must have made Dany happy!”. To which Elie Semoun replied with a laugh: “Yes, of course with his permission!”. The film was originally scheduled for release in April 2022, in the middle of the first and second rounds. of the presidential election . “We wanted to make fun of politics, in the sense that we were supposed to release the film in April, so in the middle of an election. But in the end it remains relevant”the actor continued, referring to in the recent legislative elections. The screenwriters had fun parodying political slogans: “Have more fun to work less” will be chanted by Ducobu; “Vote Smart, Vote Gratin” by her eternal rival Léonie Gratin. As for the student-candidate camped by Sarah Boon, “She doesn’t want foreigners in Saint-Potache”, said the former sidekick de Dieudonné with reference to the program of the National Rally.

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Dany Boon at the head of a large blended family

Sarah Boon seems to have chosen to move towards the world of cinema, just like his dad. Little last of Dany Boonborn on February 27, 2010 from the marriage of the actor with Yael Harris, Sarah has four brothers: Mahdiborn in 1997 from the first union of his father, actress Sophie Hermelin, Noahborn in 1999 from the second marriage of Dany Boon with Judith Godrèche, and Eytanborn in 2005,and Elia, born in 2006, who have the same mother as the little girl. The star of Welcome to the Ch’tis is therefore at the head of a large recomposed tribeespecially since he lives a beautiful love story with the actress Laurence Arné, who also has a son, named Raphael, born in 2012 from his love affair with the advertiser Jérôme Duchamps.

The entire interview of Elie Semoun by Bernard Montiel is to be found this Saturday July 2, on RFM, from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.


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