Eva Jospin: "My luxury would be to have more time to do nothing"

Eva Jospin: “My luxury would be to have more time to do nothing”

Two exhibitions celebrate this artist who sculpts vast landscapes in cardboard or bronze.

Miss Figaro. – What is your main character trait?
Eva Jospin. – Perseverance.

Which one are you least proud of?
The procrastination. I often postpone tasks that bore me until later.

The one you hate in others?
Greed. You see, those who always forget their wallet at home and act surprised when the bill arrives…

Your anti-stress thing?
Spinning a strand of my hair for hours.

Your green gesture?
My work from cardboard, an inexpensive material that I recycle : it’s the greenest thing I do with my bike!

How do you renew yourself?
I’m more of the type to dig the same furrow. I renew myself in repetition.

What are you exhibiting all this summer at Domaine de la Garenne Lemot?
Caves, forests, rocks. Works in cardboard, others cast in bronze.

I’m more of the type to dig the same furrow. I renew myself in repetition

Eva Jospin

And at the Beaux-Arts in Paris?
Indian ink and pencil drawings representing landscapes.

An adjective that defines you?

On a desert island, what would you take?
Without hesitation, my children. The 6-year-old would be delighted, the 16-year-old a little less, and the 19-year-old not at all. But I would love to.

The three basics of your wardrobe?
A blouse, jacket and pants. In a range of blue, brown and cream.

The cast of an ideal dinner at your place?
My close friends, who would invite close friends I wouldn’t know. I like surprises.

The gift you often give?
Anything from Astier de Villatte. A ceramic, a notebook, a candle…

In video, the intern at Paris Photo

Music in your life?
The Appuntamento, by Ornella Vanoni, one of the great interpreters of Italian popular music.

The book that accompanies you?
A room of one’s own, by Virginia Woolf.

Your luxury?
My luxury would be to have more time to do nothing. I have dreams of contemplation.

A fashion that annoys you?
Shoes with very, very large soles.

An essential app?
Google Maps, otherwise I’m lost.

A city that looks like you?
Paris, without hesitation, despite all the bad things that can be said about it.

Your Proust madeleine?
Pesto soup. I prepare one, and all my memories of Provence come back to me.

Eva Jospin – A Grand Touruntil September 18, at the Domaine de la Garenne Lemot, in Loire-Atlantique.
designs for a garden, until July 3, at the Beaux-Arts, 14, rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris.


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