England-Italy: match notes

England-Italy: match notes

England and Italy faced each other on the third day of the Nations League for a remake of the final of the last Euro in this League A. England, last in the group at kick-off, did not had still not won a single match since the start of this new edition. At home, in the Molineux Stadium in Wolverhampton behind closed doors and therefore in front of the presence of 3,000 children invited to fill the stands, the English team presented themselves with a rather attractive team on the offensive level. Tammy Abraham was preferred to Harry Kane up front. He was accompanied by Raheem Sterling and Jack Grealish in particular. On the Italian side, Roberto Mancini decided to once again trust Gianluca Scamacca, a serious track for PSG, on the attacking front. The 23-year-old striker was supported by Pelligrini and Pessina. In a rather pleasant match, the two teams showed a beautiful face and it was necessary for example monstrous parades of Ramsdale in front of Pessina so that the score does not move. England were too clumsy in front of goal to worry Donnarumma.

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When they returned from the locker room, England came back with better intentions, but still with as many inaccuracies in the last gesture, like Raheem Sterling who, like against OL in the Champions League in 2020, missed a goal all done while the goal was empty. On a good cross from Reece James, the City striker sent the ball over the goal when he was all alone. The only interesting opportunity this second act since the 22 actors clearly decreased in intensity thereafter. Despite the few changes, nothing happened and the two teams left each other very logically in a draw. In the classification in this League A, Italy remains first in its pool while England is still last after 3 days, with no victory on the clock.

Man of the match: Gatti (7): the central defender of Juventus, loaned this season in Serie B to Frosinone, celebrated his first selection with Italy and was rather good. Hard on the man, especially in aerial duels, he was warned when he returned from the locker room (48th). Also making several decisive interceptions and clearances, he surely scored points in the mind of Roberto Mancini.


  • Ramsdale (6): an excellent save in front of Tonali at close range (25th) and a nice tap in front of Frattesi (45th). On the other hand, his completely failed recovery almost cost his family dearly (46th). For the rest, he did not need to deploy more.

  • James (6): Established for the first time at this rally, Reece James showed good things on his wing. Available, the Chelsea player was able to show himself offensively and distributed some interesting crosses. He was very close to delivering an assist, but Sterling was completely missing (52nd). Defensively, he didn’t really have too much trouble containing a stalled Italian attack. Reece James has earned points in a position where there is no shortage of competition.

  • Maguire (5): this meeting against Italy is far from being the most difficult for him. And the disputed defender of Manchester United was very clean in his duels and left no gift to the blue attack. On the other hand, his technique remains to be desired, like this change of wing directly in six meters (64th).

  • Tomori (5): the Italian Champion held his rank and was quite complementary with Maguire. Even if he cannot really be judged on this soporific opposition, his tenure has surely earned him a few points in the rotation before the 2022 World Cup. Replaced by Gehi (88th)who was able to touch a few balloons.

  • Trippier (5): unlike its right counterpart, Trippier did not live up to expectations. Disappointing offensively, he created almost no danger. On the other hand, he was still serious defensively and annoyed Pellegrini (65th).

  • Ward-Prowse (3): when he had not played a single minute since his summons, the Southampton midfielder was lined up from the start against Squadra Azzura. His presence was not concretely beneficial and he quickly seemed to run out of juice.

  • Rice (5): in this month of national selection, it is no longer the same Declan Rice that we are used to seeing with West Ham. Like the first two matches against Hungary (0-1) and Germany (1-1), the midfielder was very shy. A long shot to report (18th). Defensively, he still did the job by preventing Scamacca and Frattesi from creating danger. Replaced by Phillips (64th).

  • Mount (4): he offers himself the best opportunity of the game by offering himself a deflected long shot on the crossbar of Donnarumma (8th). Subsequently, the Chelsea attacking midfielder was much less dangerous and faced the Italian block. For his third tenure in three matches, Mount remains disappointing in June. Replaced by Bowen (64th)author of a shy entry.

  • Sterling (4): he is at the start of the action on the crossbar found by Mount (8th), before missing a huge opportunity in the second half (52nd). The Manchester City striker was the player most wanted by his partners, but he could not pierce the Italian block and was particularly annoyed by Gatti throughout the meeting. A very rough game and the entry of Saka (62nd) wasn’t any better either.

  • Abraham (4): taking advantage of a nice ball from Donnarumma, Abraham had the open goal, but lacked precision and missed the target (5th). Then, the game was complicated for the Roma striker who no longer had an opportunity to obtain. His speed and his heading did not worry the Italian defense. Replaced by Kane (64th)who immediately showed himself to be more offensive.

  • Grealish (3): what a desappointment. Aligned by Southgate on the right side, the Man City striker will clearly not have had the impact that we could expect. His technique was not really effective against the Italians and he could not even get the slightest dangerous strike. We even felt frustrated at the end of the game.


  • Donnarumma (5): the young goalkeeper of Paris Saint-Germain, captain of the Nazionale, had a serious game, despite big mistakes in his recovery. Making 4 saves, as when he captured the shot from Mount (39th) or that of Sterling (54th), he was also rather comfortable in the game on foot.

  • DiMarco (6): the Inter Milan defender, aligned on the left flank of the Italian defense, had a decent match. Blocking a shot and making a few interceptions, he was rarely faulted in his lane and he was quite comfortable in his long forward balls. Replaced by Florenzi (87th).

  • Acerbi (6.5): the aging central defender of Lazio made a rather correct meeting. Not really put in difficulty, he ensured a good defensive foundation for the Squadra Azzura by being good in transmissions and duels.

  • Gatti (7): see above

  • DiLorenzo (5.5): the right side of Naples did not achieve the best performance of his career, often being in difficulty against Jack Grealish. Author of a good center in first intention for Tonali (23rd), he did not however take advantage of the good ball from Locatelli in the six meters to open the scoring (61st).

  • Tonali (6): winning most of his duels and being comfortable in the long game, the reigning Italian champion with AC Milan put in a performance that reflected his season, even if, when served by Di Lorenzo in the area, he saw his flat foot being stopped by Ramsdale (23rd).

  • Locatelli (6.5): hub of the middle of the Nazionale, the player of Juventus Turin made a successful copy, distributing good balls, short and long, and was dominant in the duels, he also offered himself some dribbles. He saw his recovery being captured by Ramsdale before the break (45th) and offered a very good ball for Di Lorenzo over the defense (61st). Warned (25th).Replaced by Esposito (62nd)

  • Frattesi (5.5): the middle of Sassuolo was author of a correct performance, he could have opened the scoring quickly but he crossed his shot too much (2nd). Good in the long game, but losing many balls, he had however, especially in the first period, a good understanding with Pessina on the right side.

  • Pellegrini (5.5): in legs, the captain of AS Roma made a good meeting against the Three Lions. He was author of 2 key passes and tried to offer some dribbling. On the other hand, he had less success during his crosses. Replaced by Gnonto (63rd).

  • Scamacca (5): Tracked by Paris Saint-Germain and AC Milan, the N°9 of the Squadra Azzura had a rather shy match, being rarely found by his partners. He also did not emerge victorious from most of his duels. Served by Pessina, he attempted a recovery in a small space, but sent his shot over (41st). Replaced by Raspadori (76th).

  • Pessina (6): the Atalanta player was the author of a successful performance. He was present in the duels and often involved in the offensive actions of his team (2 key passes). He combined with his partners and distributed interesting balls like his good pass for Frattesi at the start of the match (2nd), or found himself at the last gesture like when he forced Ramsdale to make a nice tap (44th) or when he recovered a dangerous ball in the area before a double Italian opportunity. Replaced by Cristane (87th).

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