Elvis: the King arrives in the US and competes with Top Gun 2 at the box office

Elvis: the King arrives in the US and competes with Top Gun 2 at the box office

Elvisthe biopic on Elvis Presley realized by Baz Luhrmannarrives in the United States and makes the juggernaut sweat Top Gun: Maverick.

Absent from movie theaters since the amazing Gatsby the magnificentdirector Baz Luhrmann is making his comeback in cinemas with Elvis, a biopic about the life of the legendary Elvis Presley. A flamboyant return of the King who is in line with the divisive filmography of the Australian filmmaker. Swirling camera and electrical assembly, Elvis is enough to make the epileptic sweat, but will certainly convince lovers of the director.

Be that as it may, the feature film has great economic potential, as evidenced by its nice start in the United States. Estimated at around 25 million dollars, the receipts ofElvis should eventually top 30 million by the end of the weekend. A more than respectable score, especially given the competition currently squatting in dark rooms between Top Gun: Maverick, Jurassic World: The World After and Buzz Lightning.

Nice debut for Elvis

On Friday, counting the 3.5 million dollars raised during the American previews, the feature film directed by Baz Luhrmann collected more than 12 million in revenue. At the end of the weekend, the King may even have surpassed Hollywood demigod Tom Cruisealways in the dark rooms with its continuation of Top Gun.

According to estimates, the behemoth maverick is not necessarily dethroned by the biopic of the rock icon, the film directed by Joseph Kosinski also having to collect this weekend around thirty million dollars. Nevertheless, if Elvis achieves this, it will be the third film to take the upper hand on the biggest success of 2022, but also of the career of Tom Cruise.

Elvis : Foto Austin ButlerTeam Elvis or Team Elton?

Elvis stands out anyway as the second best start of its directorjust behind Gatsby the magnificent, which had taken advantage of a 3D operation and the popularity of Leonardo DiCaprio to exceed 50 million dollars in revenue during its first weekend of operation. The King’s biopic even managed to do better than Elton John’s, Rocketmanreleased in 2019, which had started at over $25 million.

Despite everything, we are still far from the 51 million collected by the yet very average Bohemian Rhapsodyreleased in 2018. Note also that if the start ofElvis recalls that of Rocketman, the film directed by Baz Luhrmann cost more than double its budget, or $85 million excluding the promotional campaign. Nothing is therefore decided yet for Elviswhich will have to perform over the long term to be able to fully repay itself and (above all) create a profit.


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