Dragon Ball Super SUPER HERO: ULTIMATE SPOILERS before the film summary

Dragon Ball Super SUPER HERO: ULTIMATE SPOILERS before the film summary

The very first Dragon Ball Super SUPER HERO movie screening is happening in Japan as of this writing, and the latest spoilers have dropped via the account of DBSChronicles on Twitter. The first full summaries of the film should flood the internet tomorrow, but we won’t spoil anything without warning you miles in advance.

We will therefore restore these spoilers here, as they were published on Twitter. So that you have time to leave this page before being exposed to crucial information about the film, we leave you with the latest trailer.

Dragon Ball Super SUPER HERO spoilers

All these spoilers come from DBSChronicles, who kept them secret until the very first airing of the film. The film is streaming as of this writing, and they will be confirmed in the coming hours.

  • Pan will learn to fly in this movie. Throughout the film, she cannot fly. But when she flees the huge purple explosion seen in the trailer, she will fly for the first time.
  • Carmine (the big guy, associate of Magenta) survives. Pan knocked him out, but we won’t know what happened to him.
  • Gohan has a new transformation! Her name is Final Gohanand notable changes to his appearance are white hair, red eyes, and Super Saiyan shaped hair.
  • The movie doesn’t explain this shape, so wait for official articles for explanations.
  • The real name of the cyborg C-21 is Vomi ! She is the wife of Dr. Gero, the mother of Gebo (C-16), and the grandmother of Dr. Hedo.
  • Cell Max is the final boss of the film. It will be a variant of Cell, but in a giant form.
  • Piccolo will also have a giant formand he will face Cell Max.
  • Gamma 2 dies as a hero by sacrificing himself to save Gohan and Cell.
  • Orange Piccolo : That’s what they call the Piccolo awakened potential form in the movie. The notable changes are that he gets stronger, he grows a bit taller, and he has a logo on his back that comes out of nowhere.
  • Dr. Hero orders the robot bee Hachimaru to kill Magentabut it’s too late, the leader of the Red Ribbon army spirals out of control.
  • During their training, Vegeta will win his fight against Goku.
  • Dr. Hedo now works at Capsule Corporation. We see him at the end of the film alongside Gamma 1, Krillin, and Piccolo, on this promotional booklet distributed at the cinema.

Other spoilers have been leaked by DBSHype, in the video below.

Written by manga creator Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball Super Super Hero is the first film in the franchise to be produced entirely in CGI, which earned it a lot of criticism when it was announced. However, recent trailers for the film have largely won fans over, as revealed our poll on Twitter.

Super Hero is the second animated film, after Dragon Ball Super Broly, to settle after the events of Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power. Moreover, this film takes place 3 years after the 2018 film Broly, and the characters have had time to evolve, each in their own way. The film will be released on June 11 in cinemas in Japan, and this summer 2022 in France. Will you go see him?

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