DOFUS Temporis 7 : Les meilleurs altérés d'Osatopia

DOFUS Temporis 7: The Best Altered in Osatopia – Gamosaurus

After the first maintenance of the Temporis 7 servers, the hype Dofusian drop a little. This gives us time to take a step back and see which alters mark the spirits. If some already have their small nerves, others remain powerful, even a little too much.

This article is updated based on the latest patch notes for Dofus and Temporis 7
(Last modification: 05/07 – 11:45 a.m.)

DOFUS – The Best Altered of Temporis 7

Unlike classes with more than 40 spells or full passives/actives, alters are much more “one-sided”. They are strong, or not. Their role is clear, or not. From these two factors, we can already identify a small batch of interesting cases in PvM, before cutting into the bacon.

To know the obtainments of each Altered, you can click on their name or their appearance in game to consult their page of the mobedex.

The pleasant alters to manage Temporis 7



Scampiopus is an Altered in the element Water. Relatively accessible by being common and in areas of around level 130, it benefits from a movement spell and another very powerful in the area.



Despite a quick nerf, the Dofus team doesn’t seem ready to re-nerf the Altered (at least, according to the official twitter) it is already announced via the TempoHebdo that Assouplié will receive a nerf on Thursday July 7th. The latter offers an excellent shield bonus as well as more than correct damage in the element Air. However, it will be a little expensive in hotels for sale, being only available in high-level areas.



Rarer in compositions, Safarieur remains an excellent Altered Fire for its damage and especially an almost unused effect on classic servers: the Vitality penalty. Its power thus becomes proportional to the life points of the monsters, a major asset especially during the Osatopia league.



Javache offers gameplay around reviews. It pairs particularly well with the Ecaflips, becoming a real monster. You’ll have a little trouble getting it, however, as it’s only available in THL zones at an “epic” rate. His element adapts to your.



Far more common than the other “Agreeable” Altered, Seagull can be found in zones 100-120. Water, he can teleport a great distance while stealing life in a large area. It is very fun to play, especially in combo with Magmacaque.

The best legendaries

The following Altered can only be obtained at very low rates or through specific conditions. If they are powerful, it is for a very good reason! Of course, nothing prevents you from circumventing this problem with a few HDV kamas.



This is the penultimate Mobedex Altered, and for good reason. Indeed, his main spell can accumulate 20 times a damage boost in your best element and arrive at absurd sums of damage. More or less legendary, it has a passive and limited obtaining, with the need to collect 1860 Tempotons to unlock it. Keep rushing!



Rather reserved for melee classes or Feca, Enflaron offers damage in the best element, lifesteal, and some pretty extreme tanking. Thus, he naturally reduces the damage suffered and will take advantage of crowds to increase his striking power, which is already very appreciable.



Valdingume is a very special Altered. He benefits from effects in all directions, whether through his passive or his spells. It can fly / give AP very well, cause massive damage in the best element or even increase damage taken by enemies, all in area. It’s a nice force to have in your deck.



The big monkey was a great attraction during the first weekend of the Temporis 7 servers. Indeed, his passive did not give 50 for each teleport, but 400. With a combo Aspimouetter + Mosquito, the damage even at level 80 was inconsistent. However, his nerve does not take away all his splendor. There remains a powerful and friendly Altered Legendary to use in any element.

Xelor Ret PA, and proud of it!

It seems that a lobby has formed within the editorial staff to inform you of a potential non-meta but very practical combo based on Xelor. There aren’t a lot of AP Removal stuff at low levels (go for the Boskito) and relatively few Altered. Still, 3 of them send the sauce.

As a reminder, in addition to naturally increasing the withdrawal of AP, the passive Xelor allows you to recover 1 AP and power at each rally of at least 1 AP. If the mechanics of AP removal are usually ineffective in PvM, the significant dodging penalties and the presence of zones with accumulation between impaired make it viable.

It is quite possible to vegetable several level 200 monsters with level 80 stuff and barely 65 base AP removal (85 with the passive on altered). Wouldn’t you be tempted?

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