Do you have covid right now?  Keep your new QR Code safe

Do you have covid right now? Keep your new QR Code safe

People who test positive for Covid-19 are given a certificate with a QR Code. If the vaccination campaign against covid were to extend to all ages, this code would act as a certificate of recovery: keep it very preciously.

It will have escaped no one that a strong new wave of contamination in covid is underway in France. There were around 85,000 positive cases on average over the last seven days at the start of July 2022, a number which is approaching the last peak in April.

As the French and French go on vacation and the government has chosen not to take measures to combat the spread of the virus, it is likely that the wave continues to grow at least until Augustaccording to the forecasts of epidemiologists.

In the event that you have contracted the disease, there is one recommendation to consider — in addition, of course, of all isolation measures and barrier measures.

Remember to keep your QR Code

If you have carried out a self-test which turns out to be positive, go for an antigen test in a pharmacy or a PCR test to obtain a QR Code for your future recovery certificate.

This step is necessary so that you can report your contact cases to health insurance, but also obtain proof of your positive test. You receive an SMS from SIDEP inviting you to retrieve your document.

You must then click on “Download my document”, to generate your certificate of reinstatement. You then obtain a PDF document that is important to keep, because it will be more complicated to find it later.

We recommend that you keep it on your computer or print it. However, the simplest solution remains to import the certificate into the TousAntiCovid application. To do this, you just have to scan the QR Code with the application, and it will be added directly to your virtual notebook.

What is this reinstatement certificate QR code for?

For now, this certificate of recovery is of little use if you are under 60, other than to show that you had covid and on what date. However, it could be useful in the future, if a fourth dose of vaccine begins to be recommended for all French men and women. In this case, this QR Code will serve as a certificate of recovery and will prevent you from having to be vaccinated again for several months.

Currently, only people over 60 or immunocompromised are eligible for a new booster dose of the vaccine in France, from 6 months after their last injection. For those over 80, it’s three months. It must be said that it is always these populations who are most at risk of contracting serious forms of the disease and of ending up in hospital.

Vaccine companies seek to modify their solutions to accommodate variants, in order to continue to be effective against new forms of the coronavirus. It is currently the BA.4 and BA.5 strains of Omicron that are most prevalent in France.

For further

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How do I find my certificate of reinstatement?


For the moment, Ameli’s website does not allow collect only a vaccination certificate. If you have been tested positive or positive for covid but have forgotten to keep your QR Code which testifies to it, you can still find it by going through the SIDEP SMS you received.

Click on the link that allows you to download the test certificate. You will again have to enter a code sent to you by SMS, and can then download the desired document.

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