Disney+ Joey King a blessé un acteur sur le tournage de La Princesse !

Disney+: Joey King injured an actor on the set of The Princess!

On the set of The Princess, new Disney+ star Joey King injured his co-star Veronica Ngo. Luckily not serious!

The filming of “The Princess” did not go well for Joey King. The Disney+ actress injured someone while filming. Fortunately, nothing serious! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Joey King new star of Disney +

Since Friday, July 1, the film “The Princess” is available on Hulu. A Disney + series promised to make such a big hit Than Moon Knight! In the lead role, Joey King plays a medieval princess kidnapped and locked in a secluded tower of her father’s castle.

His only fault? Refusing to marry a cruel man to whom she is engaged. To get out of this bad situation, the young woman will therefore have to redouble her intelligence to save her skin and her kingdom.

Far from the romantic comedies in which she excels, Joey King has decided to change this register. The 22-year-old actress has therefore accepted this role in this Disney + production which should find its audience!

To take on this demanding role, Joey King received a month of intensive training in Los Angeles. But during rehearsals, she had a little problem.

In effect, the young actress of The In Between accidentally injured a playmate! In an interview with EW, she talks about how she hurt her co-star, Veronica Ngo.

I accidentally hurt Veronica’s finger while we were spinning, explained the actress. She says that the pace of work was very intense.

We weren’t even cutting between takes. We were going full throttle all day, shooting these different angles,” she reports. Not enough to create a bad atmosphere between the two stars of the Disney + film

Joey King admits to having loved working with his playing partner. “I love Lin and the princess together, and I can’t wait for the audience to love them together, she explains.

A very demanding role

“I admire Veronica. She’s an amazing fighter, and i learned so much from her“, add the one to whom we lend a romance with Jacob Elordi.

Joey King obviously loved playing this “badass” princess who doesn’t hesitate to take up arms to defend herself. By her own admission, the actress had never played in an action film before “The Princess”.

A big first for her, as she confirmed to the media crumpe.com. “I had never done anything like this. I had no combat training before that, and so I really jumped in head first”admits the star of Disney +.

The actress then insisted on doing most of the fight scenes in the film herself. “Because it makes them fair, more authentic”says Joey King.

“Everyone has been so supportive of me. So I’m proud to say that I was able to do 85-90% of what you see on the screen, she rejoices. And the result speaks for itself. The new Disney+ production in which she plays is off to a very strong start.

The public is indeed at the rendezvous. This film, directed by Le-Van Kiet, is clearly in the spirit of heroic fantasy, close to a “Game of Thrones”. A rather muscular register for Joey King who embodies here a princess 2.0 who will bluff more than one.

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