Disney chooses its director for the remake of Hercules, produced by the reals of Avengers: Endgame

Disney chooses its director for the remake of Hercules, produced by the reals of Avengers: Endgame

Twenty-five years after the release of the cartoon Hercules, Disney has chosen to make a remake in live action. We already knew the name of its producers, we now have the name of its director.

Following their worldwide box office triumph, the brothers Russo and each of their projects are monitored very closely. In February, Disney announced an amazing co-production with their production company AGBO: the two filmmakers will produce a live-action remake as they say across the Atlantic, from the cartoon Hercules. A few months later, we know the name of its director.

Need some clues? First of all, he is not unknown to Disney: he has already produced a live action remake for the giant with the big ears… Remake which has been a real commercial success. This filmmaker is British and he has toured a lot with Jason Statham. More generally, he is famous for his gangster films. Have you guessed who we’re talking about?

Who to play this zero turned hero?

Truce of suspense, some will certainly have understood who we are talking about: it is the British filmmaker Guy Ritchie who will take the helm of this new remake. The director became known about twenty years ago (not long after the release ofHerculesactually), with rogue movies like Scams, crimes and botany or Snatch: you rob or you rake. More recently, he has given the brand a boost sherlock holmes, directing the two eponymous films with Robert Downey Jr. in the role of the most famous detective. He also made Aladdin for Walt Disney before returning to his favorite genre, with The Gentlemen.

He directed many superstars of Hollywood cinema, including Brad Pitt, Colin Farrell, Hugh Grant, Jude Law, and even Ray Liotta, recently disappeared at the age of 67.

Hercules: pictureAll of Greece admires his biceps!

For some years now, the filmmaker has been constantly going back and forth between Hollywood cinema (with not always successful blockbusters – we remember his boring adaptation of the legend of King Arthur) and very thug movies british. It should be noted, however, that each of his forays into American cinema were adaptations: we can also cite the very smooth Very Special Agents: Code UNCLE, adapted from a hit series.

When released in 2019, Aladdin had generated more than a billion in international revenuemaking it the third-highest score for a live-action remake, behind The Lion King by Jon Favreau and The beauty and the Beast by Bill Condon. No wonder therefore that disney call on him again to reinvent a very famous myth.

Hercules: pictureRemember that this sacred monster knocks out all monsters!

For the moment, no actor has been announced to play the oversteroided Greek hero. The film does not have exact release dates either, but we know that Disney is betting a lot on these remakes: in seven years, the entertainment giant has produced twelve. About fifteen others are already in the pipeline.

In the meantime, Guy Ritchie on Operation Fortune: Cunning Wara spy movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Aubrey Plaza and of course… Jason Statham!


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