Disney brings this old license back to life through this horrifying trailer

Disney brings this old license back to life through this horrifying trailer

Disney is about to breathe new life into one of its most forgotten movies, which nevertheless had success on the small screen, through this very first trailer. Magic, humor and witches are on the program

An old dusted license

If we know Disney for its anthology animated films, yesterday and today, the company created by Walt Disney also houses many productions less known to the general public, such as an immersed face of the iceberg. quote Benji la malice, Who framed Roger Rabbit, Honey, I shrunk the kids Where george of the jungle.

Today is a film released in 1993, which marked an entire generation, not thanks to its release in dark rooms, but on television, which is about to find a second wind: Hocus Pocuswith the release of a second opus planned for this year.

the return of the 3 witches

We mentioned their big comeback in our columns last year. The 3 Sanderson witches reveal themselves more today with a very first trailer ofHocus Pocus 2. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, Hocus Pocus is a film released in 1993 which features 3 witches accidentally brought back to life by a young boy on Halloween night. Evil, they must suck the lives of as many children as possible in order to stay young. A task that the young Max and his friend Alisson must therefore prevent.

Belonging to Disney, Hocus Pocus is far from being one of the showcases of the firm with big ears. However, like a Willow (which will also be entitled to a revival in the form of a series next November on Disney+), the film has gleaned its letters of nobility thanks to the small screen during the 90s, mainly during the Halloween period, when it was often broadcast.

a trailer and a first official trailer soon

It is therefore an old franchise that Disney is about to dust off with Hocus Pocus 2which will only come out only on Disney+. What do we know about this second feature film? That it will follow the previous one. The 3 sisters come back for revenge (always with humor), but with a darker accent all the same, the creative team said they were inspired by the reboot of sabrina on Netflix.

Additionally, the film will feature flashback sequences who will return to the past of the Sanderson sisters, as well asa scene with a gigantic fire. The first trailer which has just appeared reveals to us that it is this time 3 high school girls, who through a ritual, invoked the 3 witches.

This, however, says little about the rest of the plot. The pitch of this second opus does not seem very far from the first. However, we will have to wait for the release ofa first exclusive trailer next October to find out more, Disney has just confirmed this information.

The film should be released (on Disney + therefore) at the end of the year.

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