Discover here the latest updates of season 2 of "The Lincoln Defense"

Discover here the latest updates of season 2 of “The Lincoln Defense”

But will the new iteration of the Mickey Haller saga be back for the sequel? Here’s what we know about season 2 of The Lincoln Defense.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo embodies in The Lincoln Defense, defense lawyer Mickey Haller, who finds himself in the saddle after some personal setbacks. As he returns to work in full force, he tackles the high-profile murder of a tech billionaire.

The series also stars Neve Campbell and Becki Newton as Haller’s ex-wives, along with other supporting characters that make this charming legal drama one not to be missed.

But season 2 of The Lincoln Defense will it be coming to Netflix? Here’s what we know so far about release updates, cast, books, and more!

How many seasons are there in La Défense Lincoln?

In May 2022, a single season of The Lincoln Defense was available to stream on Netflix. If you want to learn more about the story, check out Michael Connelly’s book series or the movie of the same name (2011) starring Matthew McConaughey as Mickey Haller.

Will there be a season 2 of La Défense Lincoln?

Yes ! June 14, netflix announced that The Lincoln Defense has been renewed for a season 2. Netflix usually announces renewal decisions one month after a new series or season is released, although the broadcaster has been known to extend the waiting up to three months or more. Fortunately, we only had to wait a month.

There’s definitely enough source material to keep the show going for multiple seasons, we’ll have to wait and see how the premiere fares before that. netflix announces a decision on the Lincoln Defense season 2 series. We certainly expect great things from this series.

Lincoln Defense Season 2 Update

Since season 2 of The Lincoln Defense got the green light from Netflix, don’t expect a very long wait between seasons. The cast and crew could get back to work filming a new season by the end of 2022, for release the following year.

A second season could arrive as early as April 2023, although a May 2023 release is more likely in the cards. The season could therefore be released during the summer of 2023, but we should not wait more than a year for the return of Mickey.

The Lincoln Defense Cast

Given the type of series that The Lincoln Defense set itself – a procedural, albeit serialized, legal drama – new characters and cast members could be added with each additional season. But we expect these regular characters to remain:

Christopher Gorham played Mickey’s billionaire client Trevor Elliott in season one, but he probably won’t be returning for season 2.

What book is The Lincoln Defense season 2 based on?

While the film La Défense Lincoln (2011) adapts Mickey Haller’s first book, the Netflix series adapts the second: The Brass Verdict. Prior to the announcement of the renewal, it was unclear whether the series would follow the book order for a possible next season. But in this case, The Reversal would be the next episode of season 2.

Variety reports that Season 2 of The Lincoln Defense will also last 10 episodes and will be based on The Fifth Witness book, which is the fourth book in the series.

In total, author Michael Connelly has written six books on mickey haller, which leaves five more books for the Netflix series. The character also appears in a number of Bosch books, which opens that door as well.


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