Disappointing at the box office, this sequel to a hit film takes its revenge on Netflix

Disappointing at the box office, this sequel to a hit film takes its revenge on Netflix

If this animated comedy had flopped when it was released in theaters in 2019, now it dominates the ranking of the most popular films in France on Netflix.

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Five years after the success of The Great Lego Adventurewhich had grossed $470 million at the box office, the studio Warner Animation Group has given the green light to launch a sequel: The Lego Great Adventure 2. Dubbed by Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, along with Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph, the animated film follows the citizens of Bricksburg who face a new threat when Duplos from outer space begin destroying everything. The battle to defeat the enemy and restore harmony to the Lego universe leads Emmet, Lucy, Batman and the rest of their friends to distant, uncharted worlds that test their courage and creativity. Released in February 2019 in cinemas, the second opus of The Great Lego Adventure had not had the expected success with only 190 million dollars in box office receipts, or 280 million less than the first part. Now available on Netflix, the animated comedy gets its revenge by reaching the podium of the most popular films on Netflix.

The Lego Great Adventure 2 a hit on Netflix

Netflix recently added The Lego Great Adventure 2 to its rich catalog of films. And it seems that the animated film is a big hit on the streaming platform. Although the production of Warner Bros. flopped a few years ago in dark rooms, the second opus of Lego takes its revenge by ranking second in the most popular films on Netflix in Francejust behind Spiderhead.

The first part is also available on Netflix

In addition to the second part of The Great Lego Adventure, Netflix subscribers can also revel in the first installment, which is also available on the streaming platform. The film features Emmet, an ordinary person living in Bricksburg mistaken for the Chosen One, the one who can save the universe against Lord Business, an evil tyrant who hides under another identity. He wants to destroy the Lego universe with the Kragel, an extremely powerful weapon thanks to which his demonic powers are limitless. Despite himself, Emmet will have to fight against this threat with the help of Vitruvius, Cool Tag and Batman.

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