PS5 slim

Did you dream of the PS5 Slim? This fan made it

In the absence of news from Sony, a fan creates the very first PS5 Slim on the market. We are not sure we would buy it.

DIY Perks is a resourceful and extremely resourceful youtuber. Over the years of his career as a videographer, the handyman has managed to transform many consoles, including the PS5 on several occasions. After covering it with brassto give it a luxurious golden appearance, or to have made it an all-wood design version, the creator today unveils the very first PS5 Slim in the world.

To build this unofficial console, the youtubeur has given himself the guideline of reaching two small centimeters in height once the console is placed on a piece of furniture horizontally. A remarkable contrast compared to the original console which has made everyone agree that it is particularly imposing. In addition to being heavy, its design is not discreet.

The DIY Perks PS5 Slim, on the other hand, ticks all the boxes, except perhaps good taste. It is clear that its raw metallic look may put off some, but in any case, the bet is held. The youtubeur has in his hands a functional console, not really bigger than a PS2 Slim, which was also his inspiration for this project.

To achieve this result, the videographer nevertheless had to make huge concessions, especially in terms of the console’s cooling system, which is one of the most imposing. And that makes sense given its energy-intensive performance. To replace it, he had to fabricate a custom water pipe cooling system made from sheet copper. Although more discreet, it comes at a price, and it’s really not cheap: 240 dollars for the copper foil alone. We understand better why Sony has bet on another option.

The final model of the PS5 Slim also loses power, which is rather unfortunate, but consistent in view of the deletions of components to which the youtubeur proceeded. As you can imagine, this model of PS5 Slim is not available for sale, but you have on video all the steps to follow to reproduce it.

We are now waiting for the real PS5 Slim from Sony, as well as the Pro version, which are slow to be announced. It must be said that the firm is already struggling with its original version, which is still struggling to find its way to store shelves.

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