Death of Henri Garcin, actor for Truffaut and eternal Dr. Philippe Bretteville de Maguy

Death of Henri Garcin, actor for Truffaut and eternal Dr. Philippe Bretteville de Maguy

French actor and theater man Henri Garcin died on Monday June 13 at the age of 94. Familiar face of the cinema, he had notably played for François Truffaut and Jean-Paul Rappeneau, as well as in the series “Maguy”.


It was in 1949 that Henri Garcin moved to Paris to live from his passion, comedy. After taking the Simon lessons, the actor began a career in cabaret before turning to the theater. He went on to perform and in 1956 the actor made his debut on the big screen in En effeuillant la marguerite by Marc Allégret where he played Daniel Gélin’s friend.

Henri Garcin then made numerous appearances in films by renowned filmmakers: Mademoiselle et son gang and Sénéchal le Magnifique by Jean Boyer, Arsene Lupine against Arsene Lupine by Edouard Molinaro and Me and the men of forty by Jacques Pinoteau.

In 1965 it was the consecration, since the filmmaker Jean-Paul Rappeneau, making his first feature film with La Vie de château, entrusted him with the main role. The actor plays a young resistant maintaining an affair with the wife of Philippe Noiret.

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Facing Catherine Deneuve in La Vie de château

Thereafter, the actor chained small roles, in comedies and dramas, and proved that he was as comfortable as a lawyer (La Cavale and Kill in 1972 or Verdict in 1974) as an assassin (Un condé in 1970). Indefatigable, Henri Garcin will shoot an average of one film per year, alternating various supporting roles, and playing under the direction of renowned directors.

We can see him as a journalist in La Prisonnière by Henri-Georges Clouzot in 1968, as a crooked engineer at the origin of a hold-up in Un cave in 1971, as a senior civil servant in Dupont la Joie or even as a screenwriter in success exploiting Pierre Richard as a “negro” in C’est pas moi, c’est lui in 1979.

In 1981, he became the husband of the unfaithful Fanny Ardant in front of the camera of François Truffaut for The Woman next door, before camping a director of advertising for Coline Serreau in What are we waiting for to be happy !.

The actor then illustrated himself in Abel by Alex Van Warmerdam in 1985 by entering the skin of a father furious to discover that his mistress is cheating on him with his own son. The same year, he is Pierre Bretteville, ex-intern of the hospitals of Paris in the series Maguy, and will remain so during 333 episodes distributed between 1985 and 1992.

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In The Woman Next Door

André Garcin becomes Nathalie Baye’s agent for the needs of One weekend out of two by Nicole Garcia. After having been a bank manager on Le Huitième jour (1995) then a Russian banker for San Antonio (2003), we discover Henri Garcin as a dishonest moneylender for the detective film Aux abois in 2004.

The same year, the actor appeared in the historical comedy We must not swear to anything! where he plays Talleyrand, before rubbing shoulders with Thierry Lhermitte and Gérard Jugnot on Ca se soigne? in 2007. He then appeared in Le Moulin sous les étoiles, La Peau de Bax and La Sainte famille in 2019.

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