Days Gone Creative Director Announces Web 3.0 Based AAA

Days Gone Creative Director Announces Web 3.0 Based AAA

Game News Days Gone Creative Director Announces Web 3.0 Based AAA

Former Days Gone Creative Director John Garvin and former PlayStation veteran Michael Mumbauer announce their upcoming game, Ashfall.

the Liithos studio announces its first game : a Web 3.0 based AAAbaptized Ashfall. The studio was founded by a former PlayStationand the former creative director of Days Gone at BendStudio.

Former Sony studios launch a new game

Michael Mumbauer was the boss of the PlayStation Visual Arts divisionand had left Sony with part of his team a few years ago. John Garvin had been fired from Bend Studioafter leading the development of Days Gone, obviously because of his fiery temper, having led to several disputes within the studio. Together they have founded the Liithos studio. They are now announcing their first game developed by the new studio, Ashfall.

In a post-apocalyptic world, a narrative game in PvP and PvE

Ashfall is described as an open-world game. Set in Seattle, several hundred years in the futurethe world has been ravaged by climate change. Indeed, the world is undergoing floods and fires, volcanic eruptions. Add to that some inexplicable phenomena such as energy fieldsand wars between humans remaining, and you will understand that it is a game really set up in an apocalyptic situation.

Days Gone Creative Director Announces Web 3.0 Based AAA

Ashfall should start out as a story-driven single-player gamebefore evolving into a game PvP and PvEconnected to Hedera blockchain system. Indeed, Liithos promises a web 3.0 based game.

Michael and I have worked creatively together for almost two decades and this is our chance to create something truly new and exciting. It’s as if the group is reforming. Our goal is to create a true next-gen open-world experience that leverages new technologies to enable user-generated content. As always, we’re focused on creating beloved characters, engaging stories, evolving gameplay, and a fun world to explore, not just in games, but in other media as well. At Liithos, we want to bring the next evolution of AAA gaming to the masses in a connected way like never before.

John Garvin, Vice President of Liithos and Creative Director of Ashfall

A game linked to a system similar to the blockchain

Days Gone Creative Director Announces Web 3.0 Based AAA

Hedera is a blockchain-like system, which authenticates a digital object. Created by the HBAR foundation, Hedera is seen as an alternative crypto-technology to the blockchain, and theoretically less harmful to the environment. In Ashfall, Hedera should allow players to build, sell and trade discovered items in the open world of the game. Although he understands the distrust of players and consumers towards this kind of system, Mumbauer affirms that it is not justified in this case:

There is a bit of misunderstanding in my opinion about what blockchain-gaming could mean for gamers. I see blockchain as a railway and the main station is for video games.

The other stations all lead to the main one, which is the game station, and the trains deliver valuable goods (NFT) to players via the other stations. It’s a way to have deeper and more engaging experiences than ever before.

Michael Mumbauer, CEO of Liithos

Days Gone Creative Director Announces Web 3.0 Based AAA

From left to right: Alex Russman, Mike Mumbauer and John Garvin

The team that Michael has assembled at Liithos represents the best minds in AAA game development and transmedia IP creation. As Liithos leads the charge in bringing high-end games into the Web 3.0 era, creating richer and more rewarding experiences for their users, we are delighted to partner with them and support the development of the games and of the Liithos ecosystem, both on the Hedera network and within the gaming industry in general.

Alex Russman, Vice President and Director of HBAR’s Metaverse Fund

Days Gone Creative Director Announces Web 3.0 Based AAA

Ashfall should be released on PC and consoles, at an unknown date.

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