Crazy girls, Crazy artists, Crazy managers... Crazy Horse Paris is recruiting

Crazy girls, Crazy artists, Crazy managers… Crazy Horse Paris is recruiting

The Avenue George V cabaret holds auditions in Berlin, Nice and Paris to find the rare gems that will bring the sexiest show in the world to life.

It all started in 1951 when Alain Bernardin opened the doors of his Crazy Horse Saloon in honor of Indian Chief Thasunka Witko. His new Temple of Pleasure and Desire featured callipygian Venuses magnified in a halo of chiaroscuro. 71 years have passed and today, having received the most amazing beauties of the XXe and XXIe languid in a sofa designed by Salvador Dali in 1963, the cabaret now directed by Andrée Deissenberg continues to inspire dreams with a show aptly named “Totally Crazy“.

Success is never guaranteed and in order to continue to perpetuate this sensual munificence, the Crazy Horse Paris has decided to recruit all those who want to participate in this company dedicated to Dionysus. On the Triangle d’or cabaret site, job offers are legion: Crazy Girls, Crazy Variety Artists, Crazy Entertainers, Crazy Reservation Agents, Crazy Stage Managers… all profiles are useful to this place which has given carte blanche in recent years to Christian Louboutin, Chantal Thomass and Dita von Teese, so that they set the most wisely torrid cabaret on the planet on fire.

Crazy girls and Crazy artists on the cabaret stage on Avenue George V CrazyHorseParis/Riccardo Tinelli

Become a dancer or a magician

To become a Crazy Girl worthy of Rita Renoir, Lova Moore or even Kika Revolver and Hippy Bang Bang, you must of course have the qualities of a dancer, but as the recruitment ad says, “a certain je-ne-sais-quoicapable of turning the heads of spectators who came to Paris to discover the secrets of the modern Aphrodites.

But the magic of the Crazy Horse is not limited to the sparkle of these dancers. Artists, jugglers, contortionists, magicians, comedians are obviously part of the party. It is for them, as in Las Vegas, to entertain the demanding clientele of the Crazy. Another profile is also essential to the cabaret: the Crazy entertainer or the master of ceremonies. It is he who sets the tempo of the show. He must master the languages ​​of Molière and Shakespeare, be charismatic, know how to sing and above all make the link between the paintings of the Crazy Girls. Clara Supernova and her friends Coco Vanille and Enny Gmatic are just waiting for her presentations to come on stage…

*To apply for different positions at the Crazy Horse Paris, all you have to do is send a CV accompanied by photos to

Totally Crazy the new show at the Crazy Horse Paris cabaret


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