Coupet on the start, N'Simba towards a return to the Girondins de Bordeaux

Coupet on the start, N’Simba towards a return to the Girondins de Bordeaux

While part of the workforce Girondins of Bordeaux is back at the Château du Haillan this Thursday for the medical examinations at the start of the season, the big maneuvers continue within the club. And it doesn’t matter if the club does not know what its future will hold after his demotion to National by the DNCG and before its appeal to the DNCG in early July. We must move forward, at least on the athlete.

As such, the management began to clean up the workforce on the occasion of this recovery. The staff doesn’t cut it either. The only two people renewed are David Guion, the coach and André Monteiro, his performance manager. On the other hand, like Jaroslav Plasil (assistant) and Antonio Calado (physical trainer), Grégory Coupet will surely no longer be part of it, as revealed South West.

And like the ex-midfielder and club captain, the goalkeeping coach learned about it by… email! An email dated June 16 which he only learned about this Thursday morning when he returned to the training center. An email where he is told that he is summoned only on July 4 as undesirable players. The message is clear. Julien Mariet, the Team Manager, should also be dismissed in the coming days.

N’Simba approaching

On the workforce side, Admar Lopes is trying to advance his pawns despite the very difficult context of the club. While two recruits were expected this Thursday at the resumption, Rafal Straczek and Yoann Barbet, a third could very quickly arrive. According to the website, Vital N’Simba will return to the club. The name of the former defender of Clermont, trained at the Girondins, has indeed been circulating for several weeks in Haillan.

According to information from 20 minutes, the player must give his final answer to the club by the end of the week. A one-year contract (plus another optional year) awaits him, but he also has more significant offers at his disposal, particularly from Spain. “He is very likely to choose the heart rather than the money”, specifies a person close to the file. Vital N’Simba also visited the Haillan facilities earlier this week. In the event of a positive response from him, he could have his medical examination during the weekend or next Monday.

“Constructive” discussions with Fortress and King Street

Meanwhile, Gérard Lopez, he is continuing negotiations with his creditors, the American investment funds Fortress and King Street, to find an agreement by the time the appeal is brought before the DNCG. Tough discussions between the two parties. But a wind of optimism has been blowing again within the teams of the Spanish-Luxembourg businessman since Wednesday’s meeting.

According to a source close to the two investment funds, the latest exchanges have been more “constructive”. Gérard Lopez’s number 1 objective is to obtain a letter of guarantee of 14 million euros to cover the 22 million euros in sales planned for this summer by the club to complete the budget for this season. The creditors would indeed be open to leaving the money for the transfer of Tchouaméni (8 million euros) to the Girondins. The subject of debt would be secondary at this stage. “The problem is that we are moving at the speed of a snail when we should be at that of a hare”, explains a member of the club.

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