Cobra Kai: the creators of the series want to adapt this cursed game to the cinema

Cobra Kai: the creators of the series want to adapt this cursed game to the cinema

There are licenses that have been sleeping in closets for many years, mainly because they are no longer in the current trend. And sometimes, a simple spark is enough to rekindle the flame of the public who always asks for more. L’team behind the Cobra Kai series we are preparing a new film that will raise many hairs for video game fans.

the creators of cobra-kai attack a monster

Cobra-Kai is a real anomaly in the world of series. Created by Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg and Josh Healdthe series is placed in the chronology and the universe of the first film Karate Kid (1984), precisely 34 years later. Initially, the series aired on Youtube Red (former name of Youtube Premium) before finally migrating to netflix, where it will have been a real success with both fans of the first film and the amateur public. Currently in France, you can watch the first four seasons on the Netflix SVOD streaming platform, and the fifth season arrives on September 9, 2022. The plot tells how the characters of the first film Karate Kid have moved on and are struggling to live their post-movie lives. Wishing to reopen the old dojo of the name of Cobra Kai, Johnny Lawrence finds himself facing his old rival Daniel LaRusso.

This little-awaited series with dazzling success has truly propelled its three creators to the forefront of the Hollywood scene.. Until now, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg were only known for the film series Harold and Kumar also for American Pie 4 in 2012. The media The Hollywood Reporter announces that they would currently work for Legendary Pictures on a new movie. An adaptation of a very popular video game for its time, but which has aged extremely badly and whose last representative is considered one of the worst reps ever produced to date. Take your favorite drink in hand, Duke Nukem coming to theaters soon.

A very irreverent game in the cinema?

It is impossible not to have at least heard of Duke Nukemboth the last opus, Duke Nukem Forever is known to be a huge failure both critically and commercially, since it alone represents the “vaporware“, i.e. a game or product announced very early (in 1997) but whose development goes on ad infinitum (released in 2011). Even though the game’s previous titles have received critical acclaim, the name of the license is definitely smeared by Duke Nukem Forever. The game has definitively buried any idea of ​​returning to a video game medium, but not to the cinema, since in 2016 we already had rumors about a film with John Cena in the title role of the macho and homophobic Duke Nukem. If Paramount Pictures timidly tried in 2020 to reassure the existence of the film, it would seem that either the project has been definitively buried, or that it has changed hands.

In effect, Legendary Pictures Adaptation (already in film production Dune, Jurassic World 1 and 2, but also Detective Pikachu and Warcraft) has just bought out the property rights of Duke Nukem at Gearbox Software. It is currently difficult to predict the future concerning such a project, it is difficult to see how the themes addressed in the game can find a place in today’s society. We can only hope for good from this project. Fans of the game series Duke Nukem deserve that we regild the coat of arms of their favorite license. If you want to know more about the catastrophic development of Duke Nukem Foreverchain Attic Player made a great video about it. Video that caused him a mind-boggling mountain of problems from Youtube and censorship

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