Bourges et Sancerre, plateaux de tournage pour un film néerlandais

Cinema – Bourges and Sancerre, film sets for a Dutch film

After a successful year 2021 on the cinematographic level, with the filming of the film Notre Dame is burning by Jean-Jacques Annaud and series Notre-Dame, the part of the fire and The Serpent queen, the Cher will again become, for a few days, a film set. Dutch director Will Koopman will turn his cameras and spotlights on Bourges and Sancerre, where several sequences of his next feature film are to be shot, next week.

An “old people’s road movie”

baptized Neem me mee – “Take me with you” in French – the film takes the form of a “road movie of elderly people who travel from the Netherlands to Royan, reveals Mathieu Van de Velde, head of the production company Black ship films, based in Paris. They are belated stories of friendship, of choices made by seniors who decide to take several steps. »

In the vineyards and a cellar of Sancerre

On the roads of France “since June 6 and until July 12”, the film crew will make a first stop, this Sunday, on the Sancerre peak. To shoot images in the vineyards and box those of a wine tasting. Director unknown in France, but “very appreciated in the Netherlands where she is used to the box office”, Will Koopman, certain series of which have in the past been imported into France for broadcasts on the M6 ​​channel, has set his sights on the Bourgeois estate.

In particular, an actor is expected to play the piano. But that is subject to the piano being able to go down into the cellar

“The teams came several times for location scouting, before filming a sequence in our historic cellar, which we call the cellar with pépé. It will be a great experience, enthuses Alexandre Vacante, marketing manager of the wine estate based in Chavignol. In particular, an actor is expected to play the piano. But that is subject to the piano being able to go down into the cellar. »

A walk in the Prés-Fichaux, in Bourges

After the cozy atmosphere of a Sancerre tasting away from the eyes of onlookers, the continuation of filming on Wednesday, which involves “nearly 50 people” according to Mathieu Van de Velde, will go less unnoticed in Bourges. For the purposes of the film, from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., parking will be prohibited on Boulevard de la République, along the Prés-Fichaux.

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“The garden will serve as a setting for a walk, for a discussion between Dutch actors who, for some, are settled in the region”, continues Mathieu Van de Velde.

Intended for Batavian dark rooms, Neem me mee could be released “by the end of the year, concludes the head of the production company. It’s a feel good movie (a film of pure happiness, Editor’s note) which has its place around Christmas, an appropriate period for this type of film. But with the Covid-19 which has delayed certain releases, what was initially planned is not yet set in stone. »

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