Ciné Cambaie: he sprinkles gasoline on another employee in the parking lot

Ciné Cambaie: he sprinkles gasoline on another employee in the parking lot

As part of his work, the victim made a small remark to him the day before about an instruction that he allegedly did not follow. “I didn’t think it sparked so much resentment.” adds the victim. She doesn’t even have time to get out of her door frame when the man throws a liquid in her face. “I thought at first it was water and that he was playing a joke on me. Then I felt my skin starting to burn, especially around my eyes. Like many people, I was unaware that gasoline attacks the body like that. And the smell came. I don’t know how, I managed to get out of my car and run inside the cinema. He was following me and still trying to sprinkle me”, continues the victim, traumatized by what she has been through.

Half-blinded by gasoline, she finds the strength to cross the parking lot and enter the cinema. “I screamed for help inside, and I don’t know how I managed to lock myself in the staff locker room. Fortunately, the security guard who was working that day got away. put in front of the door and put me in the shelter. I begged him to stay in front as long as the gendarmes were not there, because being locked up, I could not see anything of what was happening outside. He stayed with me until they arrivecontinues the employee. “It happened so fast, that I didn’t even see if he had released a spark”, explains the victim.

“He ruined my life”

Quickly on the spot, the soldiers of the Saint-Paul company immediately set out to find the designated aggressor. They will find him at his workstation, which he had quietly returned to after the event. Placed in custody, this manager of maintenance and placement in the room of about fifty years will recognize the facts. In front of the investigators he explains that he wanted to scare his colleague, without ever intending to immolate her. Referred this Wednesday to the Saint-Denis Criminal Court, the prosecution decided to place him under judicial control pending his summons as part of a procedure for prior recognition of guilt.

“I’ve been unhappy ever since. I really like my job, but I can’t go back there right away. It ruined my life and broke my daily life. I can’t sleep at night. is that I still smell gasoline on me, despite the showers and shampoos. I risk having this smell around me for a good while yet, it marked me so much“, says this collaborator of Ciné Cambaie.

For the moment still in shock after her attack, she does not know when she will be able to resume her post. “I don’t want to carry this burden alone. If I speak, it is to tell what he did to me and how it affected me”, courageously concludes the victim.


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