Candice Renoir: the first info on the TV movie in Corsica and Candice and Antoine's non-wedding trip [EXCLU]

Candice Renoir: the first info on the TV movie in Corsica and Candice and Antoine’s non-wedding trip [EXCLU]

While season 10 of “Candice Renoir” ends this evening on France 2, we went to the filming of the first unit of the series in Corsica, in which the non-honeymoon of Candice and Antoine will turn to the catastrophe.

Fabien MALOT – FTV

After 10 seasons and 94 episodes, Candice Renoir is reinventing herself. Bye bye Sète for the heroine camped since 2013 by Cécile Bois and hello the unknown, which will take the form of a holiday TV movie event in Corsica before a season 11, recently announced by France 2which should see the plot move to Marseille.

The end of the tenth season, broadcast this evening, closes an important chapter of the detective series and ends with the “non-proposal of marriage” from Antoine (Raphaël Lenglet) to Candice after years of dog-cat relationship and obstacles.

“I’m really happy with the way it ended”confided to us a few weeks ago Cécile Bois. “It was Solen Roy-Pagenault who wrote the finale, at my request, because she was the one who had initiated the series with Caroline Lassa. She asked me what I wanted, and I answered her” We never talked about Brassens. And there’s a song that’s stuck in my head and that I find very fair in relation to Candice, it’s “I have the honor not to ask you for your hand””.

“And suddenly she turned it into a non-proposal. I’m quite proud of this little idea, where we end up with a happy ending, but still with the DNA of the series which is ‘It’s like the others but it’s not quite the same.

“I wanted to have a positive ending for season 10, whatever the fate of the series next”admits for her part Fabienne Facco, Candice Renoir’s collection director. “I didn’t want any deaths. So we tried to give each character a future. We see Candice and Antoine’s car go down a road, we understand that they are driving towards their future. But we wanted each character to have one after”.

This end, which is not really an end, thus opens towards a Corsican unity conceived as a “epilogue” by the production and the authors and who will tell the “non-honeymoon” by Candice and Antoine. With many twists and turns.

Fabien MALOT – FTV

A non-honeymoon between Very Bad Trip and Some Like It Hot

On May 18, we headed to Corsica, and more specifically to the five-star Hotel Marinca in Olmeto, in the Vitricella area, where Candice Renoir’s teams put their cameras down for several days to film numerous sequences from the first TV movie. event of the series, which is entitled “Everyone directs the water to his mill” and was written by Agathe Robillard and Fabienne Facco.

Directed by Pascal Lahmani, a regular on the series, this 90-minute unit recounts the eventful holidays of Antoine and Candice in a sublime hotel located on a Corsican beach with turquoise waters. A real postcard setting, this idyllic setting suggests a dream stay for our favorite cop duo. And the first sequence we see, which sees Candice and Antoine discover their sumptuous suite with jacuzzi on the terrace and a view of the sea as far as the eye can see, in no way belies this impression.

But Candice Renoir obliges, things will end up turning into comedy and storm. As soon as she arrives, Candice stands out with her pretty floral dress and her bursting laugh, a little too much perhaps? Candice goes to the beach, Antoine to their room. Antoine, who is worried about not seeing his beloved return, goes downstairs and finds her at the bar with Orso, a handsome Corsican. Captain Dumas is heavily encrusted to dismiss the one he takes for a flirt. And the tone does not take long to rise between the two men who end up in the hands.

The next day, everyone sulks and sticks to their positions. Antoine and Candice therefore pack their bags and decide to cut short their honeymoon. But when Candice opens the trunk of their car, she closes it just as sharply and drives off at top speed. A few kilometers away, she stops in a deserted place and goes to open the trunk to show Antoine what it contains: the lifeless body of Orso.

This is the starting point of this TV movie which will then turn into a road movie, in an atmosphere between Some Like It Hot and Very Bad Trip. “The non-honeymoon will turn into an adventure comedy, with lots of twists and turns. And a strong potential for situation comedy”explains Raphaël Lenglet between two scenes. “We’re a little bit into tribute comedy. The sliders are deliberately pushed to go into the 70s-80s inspired adventure comedy. I’ve rarely had such funny things to play on Candice, it’s a treat”.

Fabien MALOT – FTV

Present alongside us on the set of this exceptional episode, the collection director Fabienne Facco confirms the strong influence of films from the 1970s and 1980s on the screenplay. “We thought of it as an adventure film, in the vein of the films of the 70s by Jean-Paul Rappeneau or Philippe de Broca. It’s the first time I’ve written an adventure comedy, it’s great. We were particularly inspired by a scene from The Fugitives where Jean Carmet, who plays a veterinarian, has to stitch up Depardieu..

Far from Sète and their acolytes Valentine, Mehdi, Ismaël, or even Nathalie, who do not appear in this TV movie, Candice and Antoine will therefore still find themselves with a somewhat special investigation into the arms, which involves them directly. Because who says Candice Renoir necessarily says police intrigue, even on vacation.

“Obviously there had to be an investigation into this whole story”explains France Télévisions program advisor Carole Le Berre. “We don’t know if they are capable of loving each other without the adrenaline of the job of cop which opposes them and which carries them. To end up with idyllic but empty days, we will realize that it is complicated for them (laughs).

“The idea is to offer a real gift to viewers. Those who are fans of the series, but also perhaps a few others. Because you can watch the TV movie as an independent comedy”. No broadcast date has yet been revealed by France 2 for this unit which counts Mathieu Madenian and Joséphine Draï (Heart Plan) among its guests.

But Cécile Bois promises that the patience of the fans will be rewarded: “I had told the production that with the ambient news, and even more so since the Covid, people had to be offered what they expected when watching Candice Renoir. I thought it was necessary to bet on comedy and the screenwriters have exceeded my expectations. It’s going very, very strong”.

See you in the coming months to discover Candice and Antoine’s Very Bad Corsican trip. Before a potential second Halloween-themed unit and a still very mysterious season 11.

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