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Can the Warriors join in the hunt for Kevin Durant?

You could not miss the bombshell that fell on the NBA on June 30, a few hours before the opening of the Free Agency. Kevin Durant asked his franchise, the Brooklyn Nets, for his trade. But now the more important question is: where could it go? And how to carry out such a historic transfer? Right away, zoom in on the Golden State Warriors and their possibilities in order to recover KD.

Friday June 30, 2022, 8:49 p.m. French time, the explosion falls.

Kevin Durant wants to leave Brooklyn, time is running out and Coco wants to win more rings. After the time of the exploding thermometer, the entire TrashTalk editorial team has therefore asked themselves THE question that torments us all… but where the hell will KD pursue his career? To do this, and because we like to push the delirium as far as possible, we have collectively decided to look at all the NBA franchises. Yes yes, all the franchises: 29 detailed articles, with a quick overview of what could happen.

Make way for Stephen Curry’s Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors situation

# Why would the Warriors go for KD?

To become unbeatable again like when the Warriors made the back-to-back with Kevin Durant in their ranks. And as the Stephen Curry band has just proven that it was able to find the heights without KD, it can once again welcome Durant with open arms (even if it is certainly not reciprocal…) to smash the competition. Or how to infuriate the rest of the League once again after the 2016 earthquake.

# Which players are unavailable?

  • Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggins

Of course, we are not touching the hard core Curry – Thompson – Green. This trio left to stay with the Warriors for life and the fourth NBA title won two weeks ago solidifies their place a little more in the history of the Californian franchise, but also in the history of the NBA quite simply. . Another indispo player, Andrew Wiggins, but not really for the same reasons. While he played a crucial role in bringing the Warriors back to the top, Wiggs can’t be involved in a potential Brooklyn-Golden State trade right now. Why ? Because a team cannot have several players in its squad on a designated rookie extension (like Wiggins currently) recovered via transfer. The Nets having already made a trade to recover Ben Simmons, they cannot welcome Andrew in their roster today.

# Which Warriors players could catch the Nets’ attention?

  • Jordan Poole, Jonathan Kuminga, Moses Moody, James Wiseman

There are a few not-so-interesting youngsters on the San Francisco Bay side. We doubt that’s enough for Nets manager Sean Marks, but let’s review what Golden State can offer. Jordan Poole first, coming out of a season where he has, as expected, taken a big step. With 17 points on average in 50-40-90 (shooting percentage, 3-points, free throws) in the Playoffs, the 23-year-old back is seriously gaining power after a complicated start in the NBA. The proof, he could soon get an extension of 100 million dollars over four years. Jonathan Kuminga meanwhile showed a glimpse of his potential in his rookie year. Already impressive athletically, the seventh pick of the 2021 Draft has a bright future ahead of him. His classmate Moses Moody – 14th choice – has been less prominent but we can see him becoming a solid role player in the future, thanks in particular to his shooting skills. As for James Wiseman, his early career was weighed down by injuries, but let’s not forget that we are talking about a second draft pick who has his whole future ahead of him. A 21-year-old rough diamond, he may one day explode.

# Do they have Draft picks to offer them?

The Warriors will have to drop a first-round draft pick in Memphis between 2024 and 2026, but otherwise they still have all of their first-round picks through 2029, as well as second-round picks. Enough to add draft capital to a global package that already includes some promising players from the current squad.

Nets salary grid

The ideal Warriors package :

  • Jordan Poole
  • Jonathan Kuminga
  • Moses Moody
  • James Wiseman
  • 3 or 4 draft picks (2 first-round picks)
  • Find a way to drop 22 million to match salaries / Andrew Wiggins if Ben Simmons releases the Nets

Feasibility score: 3/10

Kevin Durant on the side of Golden State? In fact, nothing is impossible and as a famous philosopher from Hérault said: it is by doing anything that you become anyone. To acquire KD, the Warriors know in any case what they have to do. So, is it tempting or not?

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