But where has the seventh company gone: what becomes of Aldo Maccione?  - Here is

But where has the seventh company gone: what becomes of Aldo Maccione? – Here is

While TF1 will broadcast the film this Thursday But where did the seventh company go, Here invites you to discover what has become of Aldo Maccione, the interpreter of soldier Tassin. Once adored, he has now completely withdrawn from media life.

It’s a cult saga that moviegoers will never get tired of. This Thursday, June 23, TF1 is broadcasting for the umpteenth time But where did the seventh company go?. This is a safe bet for the channel since with each broadcast, the film directed by Robert Lamoureux made a hit with the audience. The last time, in 2019, more than 4 million viewers were in front of their screens to follow the adventures of Staff Sergeant Chaudard and his soldiers.

It must be said that we no longer count the lines of the film that have become cult, such as “How good are you, boss!”or “My comrade wants garlic. Not to mention the five-star cast, composed notably of Aldo Maccione. He brilliantly played the role of soldier Tassin, before handing over to Henri Guybet in the continuation of the saga. But what happens to the actor, now 86 years old?

Aldo Maccione lives recluse

While success was there, the famous Italian actor did not want to re-enlist for the future. The reason ? He would have felt that “the pay was not good enough” according to director Robert Lamoureux. Since then, Aldo Maccione would be rather rare on our screens. After dropping his Aldo la classe character in the late 1980s, he struggled to breathe new life into his career. Except a brief appearance in The celebrity farm on TF1 – program which he left prematurely for health reasons – he completely withdrew from media life. Now the Turin-born comedian is enjoying a peaceful retirement in his house in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, in the Alpes-Maritimes.

Nothing seems to be able to bring him out of his reserve. Not even the release of the book Aldo the classreleased in 2015 and prefaced by his great friend Claude Lelouchhad convinced him to return to the front of the stage. “Of course, I would have liked Aldo Maccione to speak. He lives recluse like an old bear, at home, in Saint-Paul-de-Vence. He doesn’t like to talk too much about his career. I can understand it. At one time, he took it seriously, he suffered criticism of extreme violence…”had entrusted Gilles Botineau in May 2015 in the newspaper South West. The message is clear : Move along, nothing to see !

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