Bryce Dallas Howard: Which Hollywood Star Is She the Daughter of?  - Here is

Bryce Dallas Howard: Which Hollywood Star Is She the Daughter of? – Here is

Bryce Dallas Howard is currently playing in Jurassic World Dominion. If the splendid actress owes her flamboyant success only to her talent, she is however the daughter of one of the big names in Hollywood. His hair is an undeniable clue, you found?

Bryce Dallas Howard began his career on Broadway. The splendid redhead joined the troupe of the Roundabout Theater, chaining roles in adaptations of Molière, Shakespeare or Chekhov… In 2002, it was the start of recognition for her performance as Sally Platt in House/Garden by Alan Ayckbourn is critically acclaimed. During a performance, she is spotted by the director of Sixth SenseMr. Night Shyamalan. The latter offers him the first role of his feature film The village. Bryce therefore integrates the cast, alongside a host of stars, she literally bursts the screen.

From then on, the young actress was overwhelmed with proposals and went on filming. In 2005, she turns Manderlay by Lars von Trier; in the wake Bryce Dallas participates in the filming of As You Like It of Kenneth Branagh. At the same time, she founded her family after having married in 2006, the comedian Seth Gabel seen in fringe, Dirty Sexy Money Where Nip/Tuck. Together the couple welcomed Théodore and Beatrice in 2007, then in 2012.

Oh Happy Days!

This is the moment that Bryce Dallas Howard chooses to do the same as his famous dad. Getting behind the camera after being in front of it for a long time… Ron Howard, since it’s about him, was indeed the cult Richie Cunningham in series Happy Days before becoming one of Hollywood’s most highly rated directors. To his credit, among others, Cocoon, Willow, Distant Horizons, Apollo 13 the Da Vinci Code, An exceptional man Where Hell. Bryce Dallas Howard has since returned to her first love. After playing in Jurassic World she appeared in Rocketman the biopic on Elton John with Taron Egerton. In 2023 she will be on the bill ofArgyllenext to Henry Cavill and Bryan Cranston. A highly anticipated feature film…

If the actress recently admitted amused, (sacrilege!) never to have seen his father in Happy Days she lifted the veil on their lovely relationship. “It’s an incredible privilege to be the child of someone who works in an environment that interests you and in which you end up working, she told the Daily Beast in 2020 but there is no greater privilege than the fact that my father supported me, empowered me and showed me true respect from day one.”

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