Bruno Genesio (Rennes): "The big priority, two defenders"

Bruno Genesio (Rennes): “The big priority, two defenders”

After having extended his lease in Rennes until 2025, Rennes coach Bruno Genesio made a first point this Friday at the start of his preparation, which will include an internship in Dinard (July 3-9) and five friendly matches (Fribourg, Caen, Augsbourg, Nantes, Aston Villa) before the first day against Lorient, while the Rennes transfer window is still calm. Selected pieces.

About its extension

“Very happy, because all the conditions are in place for me to feel good about my job. It seemed very important to me to be part of an ambitious project that is developing and a human project that suits me perfectly. It’s good to project oneself, to show that a stability emerges. Now, after a very good season, we have to continue, and to continue, we need to have a quality group, so I also needed answers on the structure of the team and what we are capable of. to do in terms of reinforcements. We have a very interesting structure compared to last season. We expect between three and five recruits. »

About Warmed Omari’s injury

Revelation of last season, become international Espoirs, the young central defender (22 years old) had pubic surgery on Tuesday and will be unavailable until October or even until the World Cup break.

“He played at the end of the season with recurring pubic pain at the end of the season, he hung on a lot and we thought that with the rest period, the pain would at least decrease or even disappear. But he returned before the resumption for exercises without being able to bear the workload. He therefore consulted a leading surgeon in this field who directed us to the surgical intervention. »

What it changes for the transfer window in axial defense:“We already had the ambition to replace Nayef Aguerd, who left for West Ham, now we need two players in this position since our starting point is decimated. We have Loic (Bade) who is there, who will show the strong potential that we have detected in him, but that forces us to take two players in this position rather than just one. »

About Samuel Umtiti

According to our information, Stade Rennais is one of the clubs interested in the French international defender of FC Barcelona.

“I don’t want to talk about names in this or any other position. This is first and foremost Florian’s domain (Mauritius, sporting director), even if I am in permanent contact with him, and there are several player profiles that interest us. »

A player he knows well says: “He’s a player I know perfectly, I had him in training and with the pros in Lyon, it creates links. You all know his story, his qualities, the setbacks he had last year, but he’s still a very high level player, and very high level players interest us. »

About the Rennes transfer window, without recruits so far

“I’m not worried, because the market is pretty calm everywhere, but the big priority is to have these two defenders as quickly as possible, because they are very important positions, it’s the basis of our team in the defensive game but also in what we like to do, bring out the ball from behind, and therefore the sooner we have the elements, the better we can work on automatisms. »

On the trend for Benjamin Bourigeaud and Hamari Traoré, at the end of the contract in a year, between departure or extension: ” Nothing new. »

About Alfred Gomis

Stade Rennais has decided to look for a new number one goalkeeper, in place of Alfred Gomis.

“We saw it with Florian (Maurice, technical director) during the holidays, in a very frank, courteous and enriching discussion, it was important for us to listen to him and explain our decision to him. »

On the reasons for this decision: “We analyze the season, I’m not going to reveal everything we said to each other, but in this position, to know if a goalkeeper has had a very good, good or average season, it’s trying to assess the number of points he can win, in quotes, and we found that there are matches where we could have done better if he had been more decisive.

Now, I also told him that his season had not been catastrophic, far from it, for me it is still a good season. But which, in my opinion, should have been better and allowed us to gain a place or two, if in certain matches he could have been more decisive. It was a good moment of exchange, he is still under contract with us and we will try to find the best solution. »


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