Box office: the unlikely start of “Incredible but true”

Box office: the unlikely start of “Incredible but true”

A remarkable return to theaters for Quentin Dupieux with this comedy whose prestigious cast attracted 112,000 spectators for its first weekend in operation.

Just over a year after the release of mandibles, one of the great attractions of the second reopening of theaters, Quentin Dupieux is making a remarkable comeback with Incredible but true. Relying on a prestigious cast – Alain Chabat, Léa Drucker, Benoît Magimel and Anaïs Demoustier – and on a more linear construction than its previous films, the comedy had something to attract beyond the circle of fans. This is confirmed by the 112,000 admissions recorded in 377 cinemas at the end of its first weekend, i.e. the best start to Dupieux’s career ahead of Steak (103,000 admissions in 2007), mandibles (95,000 entries), At office ! (79,000 admissions in 2018) or even The deer (73,000 in 2019).

A result that is all the more convincing in that it is part of a context that is still just as gloomy for all the cinemas, towards which only 1.6 million spectators, no doubt “cooled down” by the heat wave, converged between Wednesday and sunday. Incredible but true succeeds, by far, the best launch of the period. Behind him, Brotherhoodanother French comedy, attracted at the same time only 31,000 onlookers in 360 theaters.

“Top Gun” flies towards the billion dollars

Quentin Dupieux’s feature film takes third place in a ranking still largely dominated by Jurassic World: The World After. Although having lost more than one spectator out of two in the space of a week, the blockbuster has just garnered 542,000 additional admissions to reach 1.84 million tickets sold since the start of its career. Conversely, word of mouth Top Gun: Maverick remains supersonic: it only lost a quarter of its entries during its fourth weekend. With 3.72 million fans in France, this sequel has already exceeded the final score of the Top Gun of 1986 (3.57 million), knowing that the Tom Cruise movie is set to exceed one billion dollars in revenue worldwide.

In a whole other universe, The School at the End of the World, from Bhutan, continues its path of excellence: now visible in more than 200 cinemas, it has already been seen by nearly 80,000 spectators. The symbolic milestone of 100,000 admissions will be clearly exceeded, diversity still has a bright future ahead of it in French cinemas.

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