Box office France: "Jurassic World" and "Top Gun" dominating, timid debut for Alain Chabat, flop for Thomas Ngijol

Box office France: “Jurassic World” and “Top Gun” dominating, timid debut for Alain Chabat, flop for Thomas Ngijol

Boosted in recent weeks by the successive releases in dark rooms of “Top Gun: Maverick” and “Jurassic World: The world after”, cinema attendance is down sharply. In the past seven days, 1.79 million tickets have been sold in France, nearly 850,000 less than the previous week and 7% less than the same week in 2021.

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Hangover for “Champagne”

Above all, attendance is driven by more than 50% by the two franchised works. The science fiction film with, among others, Chris Pratt and Omar Sy attracted nearly 628,000 spectators this week and will certainly cross the 2 million admissions mark at the next stage. For its part, “Top Gun: Maverick” still mobilized nearly 472,000 spectators intrigued by the second part of the feature film embodied by Tom Cruise. Since May 25, the film has convinced 3.81 million spectators and exceeds the 1986 original which attracted exactly 3,571,206 spectators, Paramount Pictures France announced on Tuesday.

Behind these two behemoths, difficult for others to compete. On display since June 15, Quentin Dupieux’s new film, “Incredible but true”, begins more than timidly. Alain Chabat and Léa Drucker attracted 133,330 spectators to theaters, which represents only 12% of tickets sold this week. The presenter of “Burger Quiz” thus makes barely more entries than “#Jesuislà”. His last film, released in February 2020, attracted 112,363 spectators in its first week and was seen cumulatively by less than 200,000 movie buffs.

Beyond the podium, no film reached 100,000 admissions. “Champagne” collapses with less than 70,000 tickets sold for its second week in theaters, almost as many as “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”. On display for seven weeks, the film with Benedict Cumberbatch has won over nearly 3.12 million fans. The other novelty of this top 10, “Fraté” with Thomas N’Gijol, is finally a failure with 36,400 entries in the last seven days.

The Top 10 of the French box office from June 15 to 21, 2022

1. “Jurassic World: The World After” (821) / 627.968 / 1.927.033
2. “Top Gun: Maverick” (1,016) / 471,870 / 3,806,879
3. “Incredible but true” (377) / 133,330
4. “Champagne!” (564) / 68.518 / 199.210

5. “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” (435)/64,865/3,117,096
6. “Frate” (360) / 36,400
7. “It’s beautiful!” (605) / 25,220 / 149,950
8. “Official competition” (440) / 24,421/ 116,936
9. “Men” (248) / 22,829 / 60,250

10. “The Bad Guys” (291) / 19,517 / 1,069,641

“Film” (Number of screens) / Admissions of the week / Total admissions
Movies released this week

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