Bordeaux: "I believe in it hard as iron", Gérard Lopez remains confident for the future of the Girondins

Bordeaux: “I believe in it hard as iron”, Gérard Lopez remains confident for the future of the Girondins

Guest of the show Rothen ignites on RMC, the president and owner of the Girondins de Bordeaux, Gérard Lopez, took stock of the situation of his club, temporarily relegated to National 1 after passing the DNCG. If he seems to believe in it, he does not exclude a bad surprise. An interview to be found in full at 6 p.m. on RMC.

Guest of the program Rothen ignites on RMC, the president and owner of the Girondins de Bordeaux, Gérard Lopez, returned at length to the economic situation of the club, which sends him temporarily to National 1 after the passage in front of the DNCG. A situation that the Luxembourg leader says he has foreseen.

>> The entire interview with Gérard Lopez to be found at 6 p.m. on RMC

“I put my hand in my pocket”

“We anticipated on several levels, he assures. The first is that we knew the deficit and we knew how to fill it. I had promised to stay at the club even if we went to Ligue 2 and so on. is what I do. To put it vulgarly, I put my hand back in my pocket.” In total, he should put 10 million euros in additional equity to cover part of the Girondins’ deficit.

“There is money that comes from the League (with relegation aid) and then there is about half that would come from sales, completes the Bordeaux president. We are fairly certain of making sales even if now that will have to wait a little bit. In all this context, there are guarantees that have already been given in the past and which exist until June 30. Moreover, they should be valid but we will say that lenders have a slightly different approach, and so there it forced us all to get around the table for this famous guarantee.”

“There are still 22 million to be found”

Calculations made, Gérard Lopez summarizes: “There are 22 million left to find.” A sum which should be largely covered by the sales of players assures the leader. “In fact, it always happens like this with the DNCG. All the clubs sell and what is needed is to give a guarantee on the sales. Before even making the sales, you have to give a guarantee. And that That’s where the biggest difference has been.”

However, he does not want to come forward and promise that the Girondins will get out of it easily. “Of course there is a risk of filing for bankruptcy. We are not going to say that there is no risk, he claims. As long as there is no agreement, there is clearly that risk. Absolutely.” He also says that he does not have an agreement with his creditors to present things the right way during the appeal before the DNCG. “They say there are conversations that are positive but there is no agreement yet. If there was an agreement, I would be saying that we are more or less sure than that will be fine.” But he assures him, his creditors do not want the club to disappear.

“The only way to work is through the athlete and to go up”

From a sporting point of view, Gérard Lopez is convinced that a potential rise in Ligue 1 would be the only option to raise the bar. “When we take over the club, it had huge losses, between 75-80 million euros, it’s enormous. We managed to reduce costs last year, we are still making a big reduction now, but even by making this reduction, below that it is almost impossible for the Girondins to function, so the only way to function is through the athlete and to go up. That is the objective.

The leader even assures that the Ligue 2 season has been planned: “There is a lot of work that has been done, a lot of players analyzed and chosen, including with the coach. The idea is to build a workforce with Ligue 2 compatible players, experienced and with character. We cannot expect 19-20 year old players to carry the club. There are players who have committed themselves to us morally and verbally but the situation makes it complicated for contracts.”

Invited to answer frankly on the possibility of seeing the club maintain themselves before the DNCG, he concluded: “Are the Girondins de Bordeaux today in Ligue 2? In fact, the answer is no. Are the Girondins de Bordeaux de Bordeaux believe in it? Clearly yes. You don’t go through those moments if you don’t believe in it hard as iron. You have to work to be there. I, who work there every day, I tell you that I’ll be there 100%.”

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