Blizzard talks about the new features coming to Diablo Immortal!

Blizzard talks about the new features coming to Diablo Immortal!

Blizzard has just posted an overview of the new features coming from the side of Diablo Immortal. In particular, we find details about the Season 2 Battle Pass which will begin tonight, a new boss for the Infernal Reliquary as well as a new event next weekend. More new features are also planned for later this month. Find all the details now below!

Since their first steps in Diablo Immortal, adventurers have slain countless demons, weakened the grip of the Underworld on Sanctuary, and recovered fragments of the World-Stone. Today, we are delighted to present to you our very first content since the release of the game and to give you a preview of what’s to come. Before we launch, we’ll let you know our goals for post-launch content and address player concerns about game bugs and bots.

We wish that Diablo Immortal a game in which you can build friendships while battling opponents and which you will enjoy playing for many years to come. Diablo Immortal will receive frequent content updates, with new Infernal Reliquary bosses, in-game events, expansions and more, all for free.

The team is always keeping an eye out for your feedback and are excited to deliver several bug fixes with today’s content update. We also have a blog to communicate known issues in the open beta of Diablo Immortal on PC as well as the dates we applied updates or fixes for these issues. Recently, we received reports of “bots” on Diablo Immortal. We are committed to verifying all of them and taking the necessary measures to ensure that these accounts do not create a negative gaming experience for our community. If you encounter bots while playing Diablo Immortalplease use thereporting tool to let us know. This ensures that we receive the UID of the reported account.

Season 2 Battle Pass: Blood Followers

The Countess’ followers, the infamous bloodthirsty people, have revolted in the Darkwood. A new Battle Pass dedicated to Blood Cultists has arrived. Season 2 will begin on July 7 at 3:00 a.m. (server time). The Blood Followers battle pass offers 40 levels of challenges and rewardssuch as legendary gems, emblems, guards and much more.

For adventurers looking for additional treasures, we offer two paid versions of the Battle Pass for the duration of the season: the Enhanced Battle Pass and the Enhanced Battle Pass Collector’s Edition.

Empowered Battle Pass: Includes all rewards from the Free Battle Pass, but also unlocks an Empowered row that provides additional rewards at each level. Additionally, you will receive the fearsome Blood Adepts weapon skin available at Tier 1 as well as the Thorn Adept Blood Adepts armor skin unlocked at Tier 40.

Enhanced Battle Pass Collector’s Edition: Gives you access to all of the rewards of the Enhanced Battle Pass. In addition, immediately after upgrading, you will receive the Blood Adepts avatar frame, the Blood Adepts portal, and a 10 level bonus.

The Season 2 Battle Pass is available until August 4 at 3 a.m. (server time). So start slaying the demons and climbing the ranks today!

New Infernal Reliquary Raid Boss: Vitaath the Chilling Death

Rayek has found another! But he’s going to need the help of some hardened adventurers to eliminate this menace. Rising from the abyss of the Frozen Tundra, Vitaath the Chilling Death will stop at nothing to imprison all Sanctuary in ice. Draped in an icy wind, this laconic demon stalks its prey and chases it with its wings of ice. Nothing pleases him more than immobilizing his victims.

If you think you’re up to it, assemble your party of adventurers and enter Rayek’s Infernal Reliquary in the heart of Westmarch to end Vitaath’s Age of Terror. If you succeed, glory and rewards are sure to come!

Weekend Event: Hungry Moon

The moon is hungry and crying out for blood…maybe even yours! Gaze upon the moon, bask in its sacred glow, minister to its needs, and lunar blessings will be bestowed upon you. By honoring the moon’s requests, you will get moon shards to exchange them for blessings. After receiving seven blessings, you will earn the moon’s trust and can exchange them for a random reward.

We invite the brave adventurers and adventurers to lend a hand to satisfy the appetite of the moon, from July 15 at 3 a.m. to July 18 at 3 a.m. (server time).


Blizzard and the team of Diablo Immortal would like to thank you for the time spent defending Sanctuary. This update is just the start. We’ve collected suggestions and feedback since the game’s release and look forward to bringing you future updates. Without spoiling all the fun for you, we want to let you know one thing: the class changealong with new additional content, will be available in our next update, due later this month.

See you soon in Sanctuary!
– The team of Diablo Immortal

Balance Changes


  • Arcane Tornado
    • Damage increased from 54.72 (at full charge) to 60.80 (at full charge)
    • Range increased from 3.3, 5.5 (at full charge) to 4.5, 6.5 (at full charge)
  • Legendary Arcane Tornado: Fang of Syldra
    • Damage increased from 57.6 to 60
    • Range increased from 5.5 to 6.5
  • Lightning Nova (also affects legendary affixes):
    • Damage increased from 25.2 to 34.7
    • Multiple damage increased from 70% to 75%


  • explosive palm
    • Damage (non-explosive) increased from 17.5 to 25
    • Range changed from 3.5 (90 degree angle) to 3 x 4.5 (rectangle)
  • Legendary Blast Palm: Hurricane of Scorn
    • Damage (non-explosive) increased from 17.5 to 25
    • Range changed from 3.5 (90 degree angle) to 3 x 4.5 (rectangle)
  • Legendary Explosive Palm: Way of the Present
    • Damage (non-explosive) increased from 19.32 to 25
  • Legendary Explosive Palm: Abrupt Rebuke
    • Damage (non-explosive) increased from 19.8 to 25

Bug fixes

To find out about the latest bug fixes and feature updates coming to the open beta of Diablo Immortal on PC, go to this blog.


  • Adjusted monster spawn locations to reduce the possibility of staying in the same location in Zoltun Kulle Library and Mount Zavain to exploit the same spawn point indefinitely.
  • Adjusted auto-targeting when a player activates the same skill for an extended duration.

Developer Comment: the previous two changes were made to remove the possibility of being rewarded by repeatedly exploiting the same spawn locations, as some bots do.

  • Updated the ability description for Tissue Stone Shard from “Whenever you inflict control loss on an enemy creature” to “Whenever you inflict total control loss on an enemy creature” to better understand what effects cause the activation of the gem.

Developer Comment: the gem’s explosive effect is only triggered by complete loss of control (effects such as Stun and Fear), not all crowd control effects (such as Slow and Frost).

  • Fixed an issue where some class skill sounds would not play.
  • Fixed an issue where Resonance and Combat Score would show 0.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented bosses and other large monsters from passing through certain doors.
  • Fixed an issue that caused disconnected party member emblems to be lost after canceling an Ancestral Rift.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue between the Armory and Warband Stash items.
  • Fixed several issues where characters could fall through the ground.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to enter a Probation Rift before other party members who have higher latency.
  • Fixed an issue where resonance would increase when exchanging gems in the chest.
  • Enhancement Materials and Incipient Echoes will now properly return to players after the Enhanced or Awakened item is destroyed.
  • Removed paragon level requirement for some quests.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Glory Chests from being shared with all party members.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from using the Basic Attack after being interrupted by opponents.
  • Experience Globes now spawn in a smaller radius after killing a monster.

Developer Comment: Players have expressed frustration with the way experience globes appear in-game, as they are thrown in a random direction relative to the slain monster. This update will reduce the radius in which they can spawn.

Conflict Cycle

  • Fixed an issue with some Shadow Contracts being immediately interrupted upon entering the quest area.
  • The Immortals’ Knockdown buff will now be disabled upon entering a Probationary Rift.
  • Fixed an issue where Immortals could knock players out of the Arena in Shadow War mode.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented rewards from the Shadow Contract from being collected.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to get stuck on certain Shadow Contract missions.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Corvus Expedition quest from completing.
  • If the leader of a Dark Clan has not selected an objective, a Dark Clan objective will automatically be selected on Saturday.


  • Changed the battlefield preparation interface so that players are randomly distributed between attack and defense. Previously, players could choose to attack or defend from this interface.
  • Fixed an issue where players were being returned to the queue after joining a Battleground.
  • Added a mechanic to prevent players from attacking the Ancient Core before Phase 3 begins.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause Lieutenant Ralvar to get stuck.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some quest givers from interacting after a cutscene.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the NPC “The Unsaid” to be invisible to players.


  • Fixed an issue that disabled HUD after the End of Cycle cinematic.
  • Fixed an issue where clan information was displayed incorrectly at the end of the Cycle.
  • Added a Quit button in the Realm of Horror.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented clan invites.
  • Fixed an issue where the quest tracker had empty entries after leaving the Path of Blood.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some UI modal windows from closing.
  • Server preferences will now be set to the selected language.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from accessing the Battle Pass.


  • Fixed a camera issue that could occur when fighting Lassal the Flameweaver.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a black screen when teleporting after upgrading Legendary Gems.


  • Fixed an issue that could prevent players from logging into when interacting with the EULA.

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