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Biennial of African Art in Dakar: Dakar Science Po students demonstrate their talents

Science Po students from Dakar reveal their talents

Dakar Science Po (DKSP), the first large pan-African school of political science, took part in the 14th edition of the Biennial of African Art in Dakar. The students of Dakar Science Po indeed welcomed, on May 28, in their establishment, a large public who came to attend the opening of the exhibition of plastic art paintings that they entirely created. The main exhibition, made up of 59 artists from nearly 30 countries, was held at the former courthouse in Dakar. Here, the students took advantage of the plastic art lessons included in their program and led by the painter Doudou Sarr Ndoye. They turned out to be true art and painting enthusiasts. This is what led them to adapt the works of art they produce to current political events, choosing as the theme of their exhibition: “Climate change, a concern for young people”.

For the students of DKSP, this demonstration was the first great challenge of their association. In short, a first attempt which, in the end, turned out to be a great masterstroke to the great satisfaction of the public, the students and the Director General, Doctor Mariam Aïdara who explains: “In Dakar Science Po, we thought that in addition to mastering the fundamentals of political science, young people need cultural activities such as artistic activity to enable them to open up to other sensibilities to broaden the scope of their expertise and their socialization.

Thus, far from the usual noise and traffic jams of Dakar, the Senegalese capital, the exhibition of the students of the establishment located on the VDN x Route du Front de Terre Lot n ° 02, saw a succession of eminent guests, including Me Papa Laïty Ndiaye, President of the Senegal Bar Association, Thérèse Diatta, the director of the Kemboury Gallery, among others. Everyone was delighted with this invitation and the quality of the paintings, which highlighted the interest the students have in art. They also shared the opinion that, “A good intellectual is someone who has many talents. Raising awareness through artistic expression on environmental issues is a good thing”.

Recalling that the institution’s mission, which is to “train new African elites, from the private and public sectors, in the art of governing, among other things, the Director General of DKSP informs that during their training, the school makes “every effort to ensure that its students acquire the solid foundations of political science, which cuts across all areas of society which today has to deal with the negative impacts of climate change”.

Taking stock of the day, Dr Mariam Aïdara maintains that it was a success. According to her, from the commitment of the students, to the paintings exhibited, through the mobilization of the guests, this first participation of Dakar Science Po in the Dakar Biennale has kept all its promises. “It is a source of pride to see that this generation of future politicians are becoming aware of the importance of culture in the development of a country. We are proud to have been able to participate in this 14th edition and to have been able to include Dakar Science Po alongside some very big names in African art, and to have made our contribution to the celebration of art in Senegal, and in Africa in general. “, she concluded.

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