Between Red Notice and Power of the Dog, Netflix has made its choice

The platform has always had the ambition to transform Hollywood, but now models its business model.

After ten years of trying to transform the global entertainment industry, Netflix must finally face the facts: if the platform has long enjoyed a hegemonic position, it is now cornered by competition, and must find new new ways to make your productions profitable.

For the first time in its history, the American company recorded a declining quarter, with 200,000 subscribers lost worldwide. A situation that immediately prompted the red N to react, by laying off more than a hundred employees, and by imagining a new subscription based on advertising. At the same time, the firm also strengthened its fight against account sharingwhich would be one of its biggest downsides.

Netflix wants to play it like Hollywood

For the past ten years, Netflix has aimed to revolutionize Hollywood, imposing its vision of the film industry. A vision that passed in particular through the production of series and films less ambitious but in greater quantity, in order to enrich a catalog increasingly subject to external competition. The idea did not only have bad sides: it notably allowed certain low-budget series to benefit from a pilot season, the future of which was then subject to public approval. At a time when Hollywood focuses mainly on blockbusters and blockbusters, risk-taking has enabled the emergence of several major international successesfrom Money Heist until Squid Game.

However, according to a recent report by the HollywoodReporter, the red N would have planned to change its tune. After years of fighting the Hollywood model, Netflix is ​​preparing to embrace all its codes. The company would thus like to focus on producing “biggest movies“, as well as a slower production rate. Faced with competition, and in particular Disney+, which is exploding the counters thanks to Marvel and Star Wars productions, CEO Ted Sarandos now believes that it is necessary to favor “major events“, like the fourth season of Stranger Things. It remains to be seen whether the formula will pay off.

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