Before Kevin Durant, other star transfers have messed up the NBA

Before Kevin Durant, other star transfers have messed up the NBA

Since last night the NBA has simply caught fire with the announcement of Kevin Durant’s desire to leave the Nets. With this event and the many consequences that will flow from it, we delved into the NBA archives to find similar cases of legendary players who requested a trade when they were at the top of their game. Come on, sequence flashback.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s trade from the Bucks to the Lakers (1975)

Rookie of the Year for his first NBA season in 1970, the one who is still the best scorer in history today quickly made his mark in the League. From his second year, the pivot will deliver a monstrous season with the key to a championship title with the Bucks, a status of top scorer in the League and an MVP title in 1971. An individual domination which continues with two new titles of MVP in 1972 and 1974, while continuing to martyrize the strings at a crazy pace. Unfortunately, everything is not as perfect as one might think for KAJ: after a narrowly lost final against the Celtics in 1974, he admits to not feeling really integrated into life in Milwaukee and asks to be exchange. He was then 28 years old and the Bucks finally ceded him to the Lakers against pivot Elmore Smith, rear Brian Winters and rookies Junior Bridgeman and Dave Meyers. A trade that will allow the future Hall of Famer to continue to dominate the League individually, with 3 new best player awards in 3 seasons. Kareem will then be part of the Showtime team that will dominate the NBA in the 1980s, playing 8 finals in 10 years, for 5 championship titles between 1980 and 1988. He will take a well-deserved retirement at 42 years old.

Wilt Chamberlain’s trade from the Sixers to the Lakers (1968)

After having explored the issue in Philadelphia and San Francisco (4 times MVP, top scorer 6 times in a row with an average of 50 units, rookie of the year in 1960), Wilt Chamberlain decides to request a transfer to 1968. Then aged 32, the giant was also sent to Los Angeles against Jerry Chambers, Archie Clark and Darrall Imhoff. At the Lakers, he is destined to form one of the first superteams in NBA history with Elgin Baylor and Jerry West. The association of these three guys puzzled a lot of observers and Chamberlain had a difficult start. Arrived with a status of triple MVP in title, Wilt will never find the greatness individual that he showed at the beginning of his career, but that will not prevent him from writing a beautiful page of Purple and Gold and to become the symbol of a team with which he played 4 finals in 5 seasons. For a title only, in 1972, but a title all the same.

Other big trades worth talking about

Outstanding personality of the 1990s and player of great talent, Charles Barkley was also the main actor in a resounding exchange which almost fueled his legacy and change the fate of an entire franchise. In 1992, when he was in the discussion to be named MVP after a big season with the Sixers, the 29-year-old interior demanded a transfer to his team. After winning his gold medal with the Dream Team at the Barcelona Games, he was sent to the Suns. Hello boss season he will then send. Elected MVP of the 92-93 season, he took his franchise on his shoulders until the final before taking an icy shower against the Jordan Bulls. Charles will not have another opportunity to be champion, and the Suns’ record remains blank today, thank you Deandre Ayton.

Finally, the trade of Kevin Garnett to leave the Wolves for the benefit of the Celtics also deserves its small mention. The case takes place in 2007, and is finally materialized when Danny Ainge alias “Trader Danny”, decides to send no less than 7 players to Minnesota to recover the big mouth of Minneapolis. At 31, the 2004 MVP and best rebounder in the League for 3 seasons arrives in Boston to surround Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. Adjustments with immediate effects, since they will allow the Celtics to unhook a 17th banner the following year, with a Defender of the Year trophy for Garnett. The player will become one of the symbols of the green franchise until another fabulous tradein which he would be sent to the Nets in 2013.

A superstar who asks for his trade when she is at the zenith of her career is nothing new in the NBA. Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Charles Barkley and Kevin Garnett are all Hall of Famers who have taken matters into their own hands to force their destiny. While Kevin Durant should soon be added to this non-exhaustive list, we can’t wait to see what the consequences of the winger’s trade will be in the League over the next few years.

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