be quiet!  introduces its Silent Wings 4 and Silent Wings Pro 4 fans

be quiet! introduces its Silent Wings 4 and Silent Wings Pro 4 fans

Eight models in all, in 120 mm or 140 mm, with PWM and high-speed PWM variants.

be quiet! enriches its range of fans with the Silent Wings 4 and Silent Wings Pro 4. For the record, the Silent Wings 3 made its debut in 2016. The new models are still intended to cool cases or equip heat sinks and radiators.

Besides a “significant air flow but also an impressive static pressure”the German brand highlights “a new fastening system” as well as “some design improvements”.

In its press release, be quiet! explains having “focused its development on increasing the static pressure, an element of paramount importance when it comes to installing fans on heat sinks or water cooling radiators”.

be quiet! launches its first ARGB fans, the Light Wings

Silent Wings 4

Concretely, “the Silent Wings 4 have blades whose shape differs from those of the Silent Wings 3 as well as a spacing at the ends of the blades and the reduced frame (1.0 mm for all Silent Wings 4 models against 1.2 mm for Silent Wings 3). The funnel-shaped air inlet of the frame is replaced by a funnel-shaped air outlet, allowing the air to be diffused over a larger surface. These changes drastically improve the static pressure of the fans, […] while maintaining very low sound levels”.

Regarding installation, the Silent Wings 4 come with two different mounting options: rubber push pins for vibration suppression and traditional hard plastic fasteners for screw installation. be quiet! points out that thanks to a redesigned mounting system, it is now possible to swap these bindings without having to use tools.

For visual appeal, the fans now feature a black manufacturer logo on a black background.

The Silent Wings 4 are available in two sizes (120 mm / 140 mm) and three different models: 3 pins, PWM and high-speed PWM.

The company believes that the so-called “classic” models are better suited for cases thanks to their maximum speeds of 1600 rpm (120 mm) and 1100 rpm (140 mm); while the high-speed versions are specifically optimized for heatsinks and radiators thanks to their higher speeds of 2500 rpm and 1900 rpm respectively.

Besides, all Silent Wings 4 fans inherit a fluid-dynamic bearing system three-phase 6-pole fan motor (Fluid Dynamic Bearing). They have a lifespan of 300,000 hours.

Silent Wings 4 Pro

The Silent Wings Pro 4 benefit from the same new features as the Silent Wings 4. However, the speed range is increased to 3000 rpm for the 120 mm version and to 2400 rpm for the 140 mm version. “A speed adjustment button located on the back of the fan allows users who are reluctant to adjust the curves of their PWM fan, to easily select the maximum amplitude according to their desired use: Medium for an operation optimized for the silence, High Speed ​​for a balanced mode between silence and performance, and Ultra High Speed ​​for maximum performance. »

Finally, the Silent Wings Pro 4 include an additional mounting option, “specifically optimized for radiators. This mounting system for radiators forms a tight fit on the fan to prevent air leaks and ensure maximum static pressure. The fans are also equipped with a high-quality shrouded cable and an easy-to-handle motherboard connector”.

Credit: be quiet!

Price and availability

The Silent Wings 4 and Silent Wings Pro 4 will be available for purchase from July 19. The table below lists the different models with their prices.

Model Max speed Price
Silent Wings 4 120mm > 1600 rpm €23.90
Silent Wings 4 120mm PWM > 1600 rpm €23.90
Silent Wings 4 120mm PWM high-speed > 2500 rpm €23.90
Silent Wings 4 140mm > 1100 rpm €24.90
Silent Wings 4 140mm PWM > 1100 rpm €25.90
Silent Wings 4 140mm PWM high-speed > 1900 rpm €26.90
Silent Wings Pro 4 120mm PWM > 1600/2500/3000 rpm €27.90
Silent Wings Pro 4 140mm PWM > 1100/1900/2400 rpm €28.90

Source: press release be quiet!

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