Batman & Robin: a crazy salary for Arnold Schwarzenegger

Batman & Robin: a crazy salary for Arnold Schwarzenegger

Released in 1997, it is an understatement to say that “Batman & Robin” is the most unloved of the saga of the bat man… Which did not prevent Arnold Schwarzenegger from negotiating a solid gold contract!

Warner Bros.

After the release of Batman Forever, Warner is thrilled. Joel Schumacher’s film brought in more than $184 million in the United States, for worldwide box office receipts exceeding $336 million. Never mind, the Major increases the starting bet: from a development / production budget of 100 million to batman forever, Batman & Robin sees its envelope increase to 125 million. A hell of a sum, where a Tim Burton was “content” with 80 million for his Batman, the challenge…

Except that on arrival, batman & robin will be unanimously considered an artistic shipwreck, coupled with a real poor performance at the World Box Office, in addition to having weighed down the careers of Chris O’Donnell and Alicia Silverstone.

It is always good to review the intro credits of the film to be convinced of the industrial crash of the film. Since his release, George Clooney has not ceased, not without humor moreover, to make an act of repentance for his participation. Same the director made amends, in 2017.

In the first three minutes alone, fans were horrified by these shots of characters’ crotch and buttocks, all bathed in garish colors. All that’s missing is a tracking shot of George Clooney’s digestive tract to be complete…

Here it is again, for the memory…

A solid gold contract for Arnie

If there is one who has done particularly well in this failed artistic enterprise, it is Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 2020, Clooney told that the interpreter of Mr Freeze had been paid twenty times more than him: “He was paid something like 25 million dollars, which was twenty times more than what I had received, and you know, we didn’t even play together anymore, except for one day!”.

$1 million a day for 25 days of filming was a hell of a deal for Arnie. But there is more: the star indeed had particularly advantageous clauses in his contract. In an article from Hollywood Reporter dated June 2017the journalist mentions a clause which guaranteed the actor not to work more than 12 hours a day.

The trick was that in those 12 hours, he included the many hours of his character’s makeup and the dressing phase. Suffice to say that the effective filming time for him was reduced to the bare minimum…

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