Barbie: la star Margot Robbie fait de grosses révélations sur le film !

Barbie: star Margot Robbie makes big revelations about the film!

In an interview for Vogue, the star who will play the main role in “Barbie”, Margot Robbie gave some details about the film.

Whereas Barbie will not be released in theaters until summer 2023, Margot Robbie interpreting the role of the famous doll gave some more details on her role but also on all the film. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

What we know about “Barbie”

At the moment, fans don’t know much about the movie. Barbie. And for good reason, the latter should not be released in theaters until the summer of 2023. And more precisely, July 21, 2023. That still leaves a little time!

That said, the cast gradually begins to take shape. One thing is certain, the few names released which are placed as headliners promise very heavy for Barbie.

Of course, we already know that Margot Robbie holds the main role of the famous doll. But, recently, it is Ryan Gosling added his name to the poster. In effect, he will play the role of Ken, his companion.

Then it’s Dua Lipa who in turn joined the cast. For now, fans are still unaware of her role in the film. But it shows that Greta Gerwig, the director, has planned surprises for Internet users.

But, apart from these few names, the preview of the movie is still blurry. There are rumors that there are multiple versions of Barbie and multiple versions of Ken. But for the moment, nothing is certain!

This is how in an interview with Vogue, Margot Robbie, the main actress of Barbie said a little more about his role and the film in general. MCE TV tells you more!

The secrets of Margot Robbie

Since Margot Robbie spotted wearing Barbie outfit, candy pink dress and sparkling blonde hairfans were eager to learn more about the film.

This is how the actress gave a few more details about her role and about the film at the microphone of Vogue. First, she confessed that the film “would contain many references to our childhood”. And this, in order to best honor the character’s heritage.

But this biopic will also be accompanied “exciting and unexpected new angles to depict the figurine and tell its story differently”, according to the actress. It will therefore be the Barbie that everyone knows, but as we have never seen it.

Finally, Margot Robbie also returned to the confirmed presence of Polly Pocket in Barbie. “When I was little, the Polly Pockets helped me escape. I am delighted to showcase my love for these toys and remind young women that young women need intelligent and playful films”explained the actress.

One thing is certain, the film promises to live up to fans’ expectations. “People think they know everything about Barbiebut when they hear that Greta Gerwig is writing and directing the film, they say to themselves: ‘0h, maybe it’s worth going to see it’ ”finally concluded the star of the film.

That said, you will have to be patient to be able to see Barbie At the movie theater. Indeed, the latter will be released in dark rooms from July 21, 2023. Case to follow!

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