"Avatar, the way of water": first photo of Kate Winslet in the skin of a Na'vi

“Avatar, the way of water”: first photo of Kate Winslet in the skin of a Na’vi

The British actress appears as a fierce inhabitant of the exomoon Pandora on the cover of “Empire” magazine.

The last time we saw her so blue was during the last quarter of an hour of titanic: the magazine Empire unveils this Thursday a first photo of Kate Winslet in the highly anticipated sequel toAvatar. The actress of The Holiday appears on one of the British monthly in the skin of Ronal, a Na’vi, this people with big eyes and azure skin presented in the first part of the saga.

“She’s deeply loyal, and she’s a ruthless leader,” says the actress 46 in this special ‘Avatar’ issue, due out next week. “She is strong. She is a warrior. Even in the face of grave danger, and although she is expecting a child, she joins her people and fights for what is dearest to her: her family and their home.”

The magazine unveils a second unpublished photo of the film, on which Kate Winslet appears in the company of actor Cliff Curtis.

The review also announces interviews with the rest of the cast (Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Sam Worthington…) and with the director, James Cameron. The same filmmaker who directed Kate Winslet on the set of titanic, released in 1997: “Jim and I are both totally different people than we were 26 years ago,” she says. “He’s calmer, and I’m much more hyperactive.” In addition, she claims to have spent up to 7 minutes and 14 seconds underwater in a row for the filming ofAvatar 2.

Unparalleled success

baptized Avatar: The Way of the Water, this sequel has been in development for years. It will be released on December 14, almost thirteen years to the day after the first part.

The plot takes place about ten years after the events told in the first film. When the story begins, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) have rebuilt their lives together. They are now parents of four children. Their idyllic existence on the exomoon Pandora, dotted with hunting and fishing, is threatened when the Resources Development Administration, a dangerous non-governmental organization, returns to their land. They then take refuge in the reefs where they meet the Metkayina tribe, led by the character of Kate Winslet.

The saga Avatar is to continue with three additional sequels, for a total of five feature films. With a big stake: the first part is to date the biggest cinematic success in history, with a recipe of 2.847 billion dollars at the worldwide box office.

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