Avatar 4 and 5: James Cameron could "pass the baton" for the sequels

Avatar 4 and 5: James Cameron could “pass the baton” for the sequels

The supreme manitou james cameron could well dissociate itself from its own franchise, and not lead the following opuses.

After having cheerfully revolutionized cinema, and upset the world box office along the way when it was released in 2009, the Na’Vi d’Avatar have since returned to the imagination of their creator, leaving a public stunned since yearning to learn more about the lush exolune. Subsequently announced in 2013, four years after the theatrical release of its predecessor, Avatar 2 Unfortunately, it will have since suffered multiple postponements, so much so that its very existence seemed to be called into question.

Some thirteen years later, however, the wait is finally coming to an end. Announced by Fox (and therefore Disney) for a theatrical release at the end of 2022, Avatar: The Way of the Water now seems to be the center of all attention, including (even, especially), those of James Cameron. Indeed, following the planetary success of the first part, the cinematographic visionary wished develop a whole new sagawhich would take place within the same universe, would reuse the same characters, and whose The way of the water would be the first of four parts.

Footage lurking in the shadows for over a decade

Initially filled with the idea of ​​directing a project of such magnitude which, moreover, is also intimate to him, James Cameron has since shared his doubts with regard to the next opuses. Thus, in a special interview given to Empirethe latter confided that he did not rule out the possibility of being, in the long term, forced to pass the torch to another filmmaker than himself:

“Avatar movies require total investment, and I happen to be preparing other projects that I think are just as exciting. I think at some point, I don’t know, maybe at the end of the third or fourth film, I would pass the baton to another filmmaker, someone I trust who would be able to take over from me, so that I could go and do something else. Or not. I don’t know.”

Photo Sam WorthingtonCinematic revolution all dressed in blue

A statement altogether indecisive on the part of the veteran filmmaker. At 67 years old (46 of whom have been involved in the creation of cinematographic projects), it is indeed very likely that Cameron is thinking of ensure the future of one of its most famous franchises. However, it is difficult to imagine any other filmmaker at the helm of this colossal project, Avatar is personal to him. Cameron says it quite well himself:

“Everything I have to say about family relationships, ecological sustainability, climate issues, nature, and so many other themes that are close to my heart, whether in my personal life or in my film projects, I show them in these films, and the more I work on them, the more they excite me.

The fourth film is a little more difficult to undertake, however, it’s a real fucking pain. I hope I could achieve it, but it will depend on the market. The third has been validated, so whatever happens, it will come out one way or another. But I really hope I get the chance to direct the fourth and fifth films, since ultimately it’s one and the same story.”

Avatar: The Way of the Water: Photo

“Under the Ocean, Under the Ocean”

It would therefore seem that the filmmaker does not yet really know on which foot to dance. In fact, only time will tell how James Cameron will choose to approach the rest of the saga. That said, it should be noted that if the filmmaker had to, for one reason or another, entrust the project to one of his peersit’s a safe bet that Cameron in supervises the whole despite everything.

In 2019, for example, the latter was forced to give up directing the live action adaptation ofAlita: Battle Angel, a project that had been close to his heart for a long time. Eager nevertheless to remain attached to the project, Cameron was finally the executive producer, and co-wrote the screenplay. To be continued. Until then, Avatar: The Way of the Water, which was indeed directed by the filmmaker, will take over theaters from December 14, 2022 in France.


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