Avatar 2: why the trailer was censored in the United States?

American spectators did not discover the same trailer as in the rest of the world. A sequence has been modified.

13 years is the time it took to find the verdant nature of Pandora. Each extract and trailer unveiled is therefore an event in itself, and the reactions are numerous on the web. Some have thus carefully scrutinized these exclusive images ofAvatar 2, and found some notable differences. Mainly, the trailer released before Buzz Lightning in the United States has been modified to adapt to a young audience… but not only.

As noted The Wrap, at the end of the video we find Jake Sully on the back of a sea creature capable of flight. He carries an assault weapon as he visibly prepares to defend the planet he now calls his own. So far, nothing surprising. Except that in American cinemas, the weapon has been replaced by a stick. According to the American media, the proximity to the shooting of Uvalde is one of the reasons which could explain this absence.

As a reminder, May 24, an 18-year-old man from the Texas town of Ulvade walked into an elementary school armed with an assault rifle. It killed nineteen children and two female teachers, making the event the deadliest primary school shooting since 2012.

Out of respect for the families of the victims, Disney has therefore chosen to temporarily review its copy. Temporarily, because the weapon should appear on the screen next December. The modification is therefore not intended to remain.

The Kenobi case

This is far from the first time that Disney has had to take action to protect its young viewers and modify its works in response to tragic events like these. Recently, whileObi-Wan Kenobi landed on our screens with its series, a warning had been added at the beginning of episode 1.

You could read:

“Although this series is a continuation of the Star Wars films, some scenes could make viewers uncomfortable given the recent tragic events. Warning: the series contains violence against children.

The series opening with the execution of Order 66, the massacre of hundreds of young Jedi orchestrated by Palpatine, disney had preferred to add a mention to this case. However, the scene had not been replaced or modified, despite the obvious link that could be made with the killing of Ulvade.

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