ASSE sale: Lunar negotiations with David Blitzer

ASSE sale: Lunar negotiations with David Blitzer

Negotiations for the takeover of ASSE are axed with David Blitzer, who has reduced his offer by 60%.

Only declared candidate for the takeover of AS Saint Etienne, since Olivier Markarian’s flashback only lasted a few hours before a virulent denial on social networks, David Blitzer is moving backwards. The discussions with the two current owners, Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo, are totally complex, with twists and turns almost every day. Even the takeover offer is changing, and the amount that the American investor intended to put up to recover the Greens is decreasing every day. The first proposal, which dates from May, evokes an overall envelope of 100 million euros, including 38 million euros for the purchase of shares in the Saint-Etienne club.

But a month ago, the proposal had already collapsed, with the descent into Ligue 2 which lowered the bill to 80 ME, of which half less, or 19 ME, to recover ownership of the club. And now, all the excuses are good to lower the price even further. The decision of the Disciplinary Committee to inflict three penalty points on ASSE has obviously caused a further reduction in the redemption price according to L’Equipe. The Forez club is only estimated at 40 million euros, including 19 million euros in shares. A discount of 60% compared to the first offer which hurts the two historical leaders very badly. They must respond to this last proposal this Thursday, and decide whether or not to sell ASSE. Roland Romeyer has been putting the brakes on a lot lately, when he was most eager to sell the club.

Blitzer’s ambitions for ASSE…

The discussions on the intentions of Blitzer, which seeks profitability and plans to buy several other clubs to make a system of satellite clubs, do not reassure the president of ASSE. Neither in terms of the future of the Greens, nor financially, the owners find their account for the moment. But the pressure is enormous to pass the baton to Saint-Etienne, where the sale announced for years has never materialized.

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