ASSE – Mercato: four reinforcements before Monday and a degreasing to be carried out

Zapping Goal! soccer club ASSE: Is Batlles’ strategy the right one?

The good thing about appointing a close first-team coach is that you know exactly where you want to go. If Loïc Perrin is still a young leader, the ASSE sports coordinator has done things in order by building step by step with Laurent Batlles: first the technical staff then the missing stones of the tactical device. If, for the time being, only Dylan Chambost (middle, 24 years old), who arrived free of any contract, has signed. He should be quickly imitated by Anthony Briançon (defender, 27 years old). Then, a few hours later by Jimmy Giraudon (defender, 30 years old), awaiting release from ESTAC. Three reinforcements for 0€ spent but clear ideas.

Dingome, 4th and last reinforcement of the month of June?

If an offer went well for Ibrahim Sissoko (6 years old), the Greens tried their luck without believing it too much for the former striker of the Chamois Niortais (10 goals in Ligue 2 this season). The Malian international is very greedy (he claims €100,000 per month) and ASSE offered him much less. It nevertheless corresponds to a request from Laurent Batlles even if it is not the priority to complete the first phase of the Mercato. On the other hand, we are able to confirm that the Tristan Dingomé case (middle, 31 years old) is the hottest at the moment in Forez. If the former Rémois still has to free himself from his last year of contract at Troyes, a favorable outcome is hoped for this week. The native of Ulis not specifically entering into the plans of Bruno Irles, the case is on the right track according to our information.

With two centrals and two axial runners with a Swiss army knife profile to fit into the 3-6-1 system, Laurent Batlles’ puzzle is beginning to take shape. It is also expected that the Greens will start the preparation with these four recruits accompanied by young people from the training center to refine the needs. The next priorities? At least a very offensive piston and a center forward. But, as surprising as it may seem given the 14 departures of the summer, the next step is to slim down the workforce to make it more in line with the wishes of the coach. Behind, the arrivals of Briançon and Giraudon fill two of the three starting places. The last will go either to Michaël Nadé, or to Harold Moukoudi, or to Saïdou Sow, or to the promising Abdoulaye Bakayoko, who came out of Pascald Dupraz’s plans for the season. Laurent Batlles has five players for three places. That’s two too many compared to what he has today.

Two centrals and several midfielders on the start

At the level of the side, movement is also expected. Normally, ASSE has only planned one piston to recruit but it could quickly turn to two if Gabriel Silva and Sergi Palencia find a new base… Or if Yvann Maçon accepts the offer received (see somewhere else). In the preparation, the very offensive Lucas Calodat – who recently signed his first professional contract – has a real shot to play. It is up to him to perform well during the preparation to close a recruitment ticket.

In the middle, where Laurent Batlles wants to build a diamond with a single defensive midfielder, two axial torchbearers and a breaking player behind the attacker, the site is vast. Left-handed Dylan Chambost and right-handed Tristan Dingomé can also evolve side by side in the roles of axial or behind the attacker but, in the profiles of players under contract with ASSE, many display a sentinel register. On this point, there will be real choices to be made with four elements for one place. Lucas Gourna-Douath or Mahdi Camara could be sacrificed on the altar of a big sale. Aïmen Moueffek, who is in the same register, being able to leave in the role of lining. More versatile, Yvann Neyou and Zaydou Youssouf can either play higher or be sold. In this game system where the wingers are not a priority, Loïc Perrin does not need to refresh the corridors with reinforcements. As for the center-forward position, ASSE still has time and can afford to test Jean-Philippe Krasso or Charles Abi on the start of the preparation… Knowing that Denis Bouanga is still there. Like Adil Aouchiche to evolve in support of the attacker. It is therefore rather serene that ASSE is preparing to return to training…

ASSE in time on the Mercato

If ASSE took a little time to get started, Loïc Perrin should indeed complete the first phase of the Mercato des Verts before resuming training next Monday. The sports coordinator is fully on schedule with the roadmap drawn up by Laurent Batlles.

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