ASSE, Girondins: Bordeaux towards a bankruptcy filing, the Greens impacted at the Mercato?

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Where will the fall of the Girondins de Bordeaux end? After being relegated sportingly in L2, they find themselves this morning in National 1 after the decision yesterday of the DNCG to demote them for lack of having provided the financial guarantees requested. The Bordeaux management will obviously appeal to the Federation. It will be studied in the first half of July in order to be able to bring the calendars of the various championships into line with the decisions taken.

If the FFF were to confirm Bordeaux’s relegation to N1, L’Équipe explains that it would have to file for bankruptcy, since at this level the TV rights are only around €2 million, the money from the commercial company (16 5 M€ in two installments) will fly away and he will be forced to “sell off” his players. Gérard Lopez did not seem surprised by this decision of the DNCG. Had he anticipated it in order to push his creditors to put their hands in their pockets to avoid losing everything?

Bordeaux sabotages the Mercato

This is a bit of the message that those around him sent last night: “The signal from the DNCG is that we have to find an agreement, and it makes it known in a violent way. There, we can no longer play cat and mouse. It’s very binary. Either we find an agreement or we don’t. We have our backs against the wall, we confide to the club. What is good, compared to this very tough decision, is that it forces the hand of the lenders and the club to find a better agreement. It’s this or nothing for anyone. We will have to listen to each other. In no way do I think the creditors want to lose everything. »

At the same time, the FCGB’s strategy in the transfer window stems directly from its financial difficulties. And ASSE, launched on the same track named Jimmy Giraudon, would pay the price for an unfair maneuver by Lopez. “For 15 days now, the Bordeaux board has been contacting players, offering contracts while knowing that it will not be able to keep its commitments (on the contractual level). The goal is to prevent certain competing clubs from making players,” said insider Mohamed Toubache-Ter on Twitter. Hope this whole thing is over for everyone.

to summarize

While the financial and administrative situation of the Girondins de Bordeaux is most alarming, the possibility of filing for bankruptcy would no longer be ruled out. ASSE could be impacted at the level of its summer transfer window.

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