Amsterdam: a burlesque trailer for the mysterious thriller with Margot Robbie

Amsterdam: a burlesque trailer for the mysterious thriller with Margot Robbie

The controversial director David O.Russell is making a big comeback to the cinema with the mysterious amsterdam, lead by Margot RobbieChristian Bale and John David Washington.

While he started his career slowly in the 90s-2000s, David O. Russell completely exploded from 2010 with Fighter. His boxing film, crowned with rave reviews and awarded two Oscars, turned him into a star magnet, with all the Hollywood stars jostling to participate in his films: Christian Bale (Oscar winner with The Fighter), Jennifer Lawrence (Oscar winner for american bluff), Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Robert DeNiro…

And yet, difficult to understand how the gentleman managed to attract so much All-Hollywood saw his pans. Between his toxic and violent behavior regularly reported on the sets by several actresses and actors since 1999 and the accusation of sexual assault he was subjected to in 2011 by his 19-year-old transgender niece, O. Russell is a very controversial filmmaker who divides a good part of Hollywood, critics and the public.

Despite everything, after an absence from screens since 2015 and the forgettable Joyhe is back with amsterdam whose first trailer has been unveiled.

Margot Robbie, John DavidWashington, Rami Malek, Zoe Saldana, Michael Shannon, Anya Taylor-Joy, Taylor Swift and many others come together in the trailer for the American’s ninth film, demonstrating once again that the Hollywood system is full of paradoxes. And if we look only at the trailer, amsterdam is supposed to tell an investigation between romance and epic where three close friends will come face to face with one of the most impressive secrets in the history of America” according to the official synopsis.

With these first images, as much to say that the delirium seems to be up to the mystery surrounding the corpse which will shake up the life of the main trio, with its irony, its burlesque investigation and its integration into the great History as wacky as it is promising. And how this trailer is rocked by the catchy I’d Love to Change the World of Ten Years After and that the film’s music was entrusted to Hildur Guðnadóttir, Oscar-winning composer for Joker, we can expect a hell of a soundtrack during the session.

Will Margot Robbie still dazzle us?

However, difficult to be completely seduced by the proposal… especially visually. Even though the photography is provided by the magician Emmanuel Lubezki – behind most of Malick’s films, Oscar winner for Gravity, Birdman and the Revenant, and finally back after five years of absence – the visual outfit lacks breadth. Obviously, the composition of the frames visible in this trailer is neat and all the work on the historical reconstitution seems successful (unsurprisingly with Albert Wolsky in the costumes and Judy Becker in the sets).

On the other hand, the aesthetic seems smooth, as if the patina of Lubezki (whose work on the light has nothing more to prove) had been flattened in post-production. This trailer ofamsterdam therefore asks a lot of questions. And even if seeing O. Russell so well accompanied is always damned hopeless, those who want answers will be able to discover from November 2, 2022 in France at the cinema.


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