Amiens SC falls heavily for its comeback

Amiens SC falls heavily for its comeback

As a conclusion to his training week in Le Touquet, Amiens SC lost heavily to Ostend (1-4) this Friday. Author of a double, Thierry Ambrose responded to the first goal in the Amiens jersey of Abdourahmane Barry, before Paul Charruau made a blunder ending the suspense.

Positive first impression for Leautey

In the absence of Mendy, Badji, Lomotey, Opoku and Chibozo, injured or spared, Philippe Hinschberger decided to line up a 4-3-3 with the Bianchini-Tolu trio and Leautey in front. Very active in his right lane, the former Niort player was very often on the initiative, like this repelled return in extremis by a Belgian defender in front of Tolu and Bianchini (17′). Failing to be decisive on this blow, the winger trained at the club had been two minutes earlier by obtaining a free kick at the entrance to the penalty area. Benet then deposited the ball at the penalty spot, allowing Barry to deceive the opposing goalkeeper at close range (1-0, 14′). Little dangerous so far, with the exception of a boxed cross with both fists by Gurtner (7′), Ostend equalized with a heavy strike from Ambrose, not attacked at the entrance to the penalty area (1- 1, 21′).

The former RC Lens and Metz player then went there with his double just before the hour mark, at the conclusion of a great collective action on the right flank (1-2, 59′). Here again, the Picardy rearguard stood out for its guilty wait-and-see attitude. Before that, Amiens could have regained the lead on Lachuer’s distant attempt, brushing against the opposing right post (42′). With a reworked eleven, Benet, Barry and a very shy Ring being the only survivors of the first period, Amiens delivered a second act without flavor and with only one frank situation to put in their mouths: the shot in the small outside net of Tokpa (61′).

For his first appearance with Amiens SC, Charruau then made a mistake by losing the ball in a risky dribble in front of his goal line (1-3, 79′). Enough to allow the Belgian striker to push the ball into the empty goal to the dismay of the former Red Star goalkeeper. Guilty of a new rather rough intervention on a long shot, Gurtner’s new lining was saved by his post before seeing Degrumelle concede an easily converted penalty (1-4, 84′). Enough to make the addition a little more full-bodied for this first defeat of the summer preparation.

From our special correspondent Romain PECHON

AMIENS SC (L2) – OSTEND (Belgian D1): 1-4 (1-1)

Summer preparation match

Gerard Houllier Stadium, Le Touquet

Goal: Barry (14′) for Amiens; Ambrose (21′, 59′) Biron (79′), Patouloudis (84′)

SC AMIENS : (1MT) Gurtner (c.) – Degrumelle, Barry, Monzango, Ring – Doums, Lachuer, Benet – Leautey, Tolu, Bianchini

(2MT): Charruau – Xantippe, Barry (Bianchini, 80′), Fofana, Ouattara, Ring (Monzango, 70′) – Gene, Junior, Gomis – Benet (Degrumelle, 70′) – Tokpa

Coach: Philippe Hinschberger

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