Seul en mer, il se filme en train de se faire poursuivre par un requin, vidéo digne des « Dents de la mer »

Alone at sea, he films himself being chased by a shark, a video worthy of “Jaws”

To raise funds for the Brain Trust association, Jack Jarvis sets the Atlantic rowing record. A challenge that tested him physically and mentally, because he went there alone, left to himself. This trip between Portugal and Miami took an unexpected turn when a shark came to greet him.

Like in the movies

In honor of his grandfather who tragically left his life after a tumor of the brain in 2007, Jack Jarvis achieved a potential rowing record. He crossed the 7,200 km in 111 days on the Atlantic. Thus, while he was interviewed by the Daily Star, the soldier recounts his experience.

“I saw incredible wildlife,” he said to begin with.

He then went on to talk about the animal he had encountered. It was indeed a white tip shark. This kind of shark can be up to 3 m long. It is classified as quite dangerous due to its territorial behavior. The soldier was rowing along the ocean when he saw the shark’s fin.

“It was almost like a Jaws moment,” he said.

Source: Pexel

A brave soldier

If people would be terrified of it instead, Jack Jarvis saw this experience from another angle. Seeing the shark stalking the boat, the latter found it exciting. Eh yes ! And that’s not all ! Instead of finding a medium to get rid of it, he decided to take his camera!

“He was stalking the boat, I put my hand in the water and I was able to take good pictures of it with my GoPro”, said the brave soldier.

Although most people would have considered his reaction to be irrational, he did not see in this action something so dangerous that that. The soldier explains his gesture. He confided that for him, as long as he could have an eye on the predator, he would not lose sight of it. Few people would have had the same experience as him.

Source: Instagram screenshot

Few are those who are lucky enough to be able to tell that they have seen a shark so close. Humans kill hundreds of sharks every year while sharks probably only kill less than 5 people in a year.

Contrary to what popular culture has taught us, sharks are not bloodthirsty animals, the bites occur moreover, most of the time, because of a “misidentification”. For Jack, if anyone had to be afraid, it would have been the shark and not him.

“I felt pretty safe. I thought if he got any closer than I wanted, I would just raise my hand out of the water and be safe on the boat,” he told interviewers.

“The shark hit my boat”

After about 10 to 15 minutes of stalking, the shark had decided to hit Jack Jarvis’ boat. A few days later, another shark came to shove his boat.

“It hit my boat and the boat rocked and I knew it wasn’t a wave and that’s when I saw the gray outline of the marlin shark and then I started to use the GoPro,” he says.

Source: Instagram screenshot

Again, he took the camera! Jack Jarvis was able to film and take many pictures of the marine animals he was able to encounter along his journey alone at sea. At the end of the crossing, he was able to collect 70,000 euros. This sum was donated directly to the charity which helps people who suffer from cancer and brain tumours. During his maritime journey, Jack Jarvis had received a video from a certain David Beckham who had encouraged him.

Brain Trust Charity

This British association is fighting for a goal that affects many people around the world. It is the largest charity that helps those who have been diagnosed with cancer or brain tumour. They provide support by personalizing them according to the needs of the patient and their loved one.

The association works with local staff clinical to provide the best care as well as help to focus on what matters most. Brain Trust helps people who have been diagnosed with these conditions feel less alone and less afraid to confront it.

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