Alien: Ridley Scott would be the director of a new series

Alien: Ridley Scott would be the director of a new series

news culture Alien: Ridley Scott would be the director of a new series

News from the Alien franchise! While a series had already been announced being developed for FX, another is starting to make headlines. It would be a series directed by the legendary Ridley Scott, who is behind the very first film in the saga.


  • The return of Ridley Scott?
  • Two opposing visions of the same saga

The return of Ridley Scott?

Our last foray into the Aliens saga dates back to 2017, with the prequel Alien: Covenant by Ridley Scott. The same year, an Aliens series directed by Noah Hawley was announced for the FX channel, but quickly came under heavy criticism, particularly concerning the setting of the plot. In effect, the story must take place on Earthfar from the format established by Ridley Scott in 1979. Did this news make the British director want to devote himself to the saga again?

It is in any case what the Giant Freakin Robot website announces. Ridley Scott is reportedly working on his own Alien series, dedicated to the American SVOD Hulu platform. He would then be very involved in the project, ensuring not only the production, but also the scriptwriting many episodes. Giant Freakin Robot, however, does not specify if this series replaces the movie announced in Marchalso bound for Hulu, or if it’s just a brand new project which expands the Alien franchise even further.

Two opposing visions of the same saga

It is important to note that the series for FX has not been canceled and therefore we will have two series showing two different versions of the same franchisewhich take place around the same time. The Noah Hawley Series still seems very mysterious to us, it’s hard to imagine yourself in the same atmosphere as the Alien films knowing that the story will take place on Earth. This production is supposed serve as a prequel to the first Alien filmset some thirty years before the misadventures of Ripley and her crew in space.

As for Ridley Scott’s even more mysterious series, it is still unknown where the plot will be located in the Alien timeline. In any case, it will undoubtedly include a good amount of bloody murders, to which the films of the saga have accustomed us. There are still many uncertainties regarding this announcement, to be continued…

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