After First Kill, Netflix will make a vampire film with a great director

After First Kill, Netflix will make a vampire film with a great director

After the very recent series First Kill, netflix is going to make a vampire movie with a great contemporary director.

Besides the zombies (Army of the Dead, All Of Us Are Dead, Kingdom), Netflix also has fun blithely sanding the figure of the vampire in its original productions. Witness the release in 2020 of the mini-series Dracula with Claes Bang (Millenium: What does not kill me, The Northman) in the main role, and the very recent First Killwith Sarah Catherine Hook (Conjuring: In the Devil’s Grasp, American Crime Story).

Alongside these more or less interesting iterations of the infamous blood-sucking creature, a new feature film is coming soon, El countthis time signed by the exciting Chilean director, Pablo Larrain.

A new plastically magnificent nugget signed Pablo Larrain?

Indeed, according to varietythe filmmaker behind No, Neruda and jackie joined the Netflix stable for a new feature film, shortly after his last film, spencerwas released on Amazon Prime Video in France. El count will focus on the bloodthirsty Chilean dictator, Augusto Pinochet, here literally filmed as a 250-year-old vampire in a dark fantasy comedy.

Pablo Larrain here seems to want to focus even more frontally on the impact of the Pinochet government on Chile, years after films like Santiago 73, Post Mortem and No, who were already in this political context. For El counthe is this time accompanied by Guillermo Calderón, co-screenwriter who has already collaborated with the filmmaker on The club, Neruda and Emma.

Spencer : Fotograf Kristen Stewart“How do you make a vampire movie and you don’t call me Pablo?”

We will find in the cast regulars of Larrain’s cinema like Jaime Vadell (The club, No), Alfredo Castro (Tony Manero, The club) and Paula Luchsinger (Emma), completed by the arrival of actress Gloria Münchmeyer (The Moon in the Mirror, versus). El count has just started filming, and the Chilean director recently shared his joy of working with the SVoD giant:

“We are very happy that Netflix is ​​a place where filmmakers that I greatly admire have made really valuable films. Using black comedy, we want to observe, understand and analyze the events that took place in Chile and the world over the past 50 years. We have total confidence that we’re going to do a good job that it’s going to be one hell of an adventure: a demanding shoot, but very inspiring and important.”

To see what will become of this El count, which should land on the SVoD platform in 2023. In the meantime, it is always possible to catch up or to plunge back into the royal nightmare on Amazon directed by Pablo Larrain, spencerreleased on January 17th.


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