Administrative investigation opened into an incident at the Stade de France

Administrative investigation opened into an incident at the Stade de France

Gérald Darmanin had promised “sanctions”. An administrative investigation was opened after the gesture of a policeman, who used tear gas in the direction of a supporter during the match between Real Madrid and Liverpool on May 28 at the Stade de Franceconfirmed the Paris police headquarters this Thursday with 20 minutes. Its conclusions are not yet known. On the judicial side, the Bobigny prosecution has not at this stage opened an investigation, for lack of a complaint, explains a judicial source.

A policeman from the police headquarters, identifiable by his helmet, had been filmed approaching a man who was trying to pass his ticket through the turnstile in order to attend the final of the Champions League. In these images filmed by the Portuguese journalist Arthur Quesada and broadcast by the Brazilian media TNT Sports Brasil, the police officer sprays tear gas in the direction of the supporter while the young man steps back to move towards another turnstile. the latter then takes a step back and then continues to move towards a second turnstile, where he will validate his ticket.

The images had been widely relayed and commented on on social networks. During a press conference on Monday following the match, Gérald Darmanin had launched that “sanctions must be taken for those people who do not use tear gas in the right conditions”. The Minister of the Interior had admitted having “seen a video” where a “policeman from the police prefecture [de Paris] had “disproportionately used his tear gas”. Neither the ministry nor the police headquarters had confirmed whether the minister was indeed referring to these images. Another administrative investigation has also been opened concerning another member of the police, according to AFP.

Referring to the use of tear gas, Didier Lallement acknowledged this Thursday before the senators that there were “two inappropriate acts” on the part of the police. The Paris police chief defended all the police forces, putting these actions into perspective: “I do not deny that there have been, as unfortunately in all the operations that we carry out, inappropriate actions, but two inappropriate gestures, perhaps two reports to the IGPN, in relation to the number of civil servants engaged and the duration of the device, I believe that this proves one thing: […] the quality of civil servants, […]their efficiency […] and their ethics.

Didier Lallement also pointed out that people in “good faith” were gassed on the evening of the match, but he continued to defend the use of this weapon, constituting according to him “the only way to push back a crowd”, with the charge.

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