A PS5 barely 2 cm thick?  It is possible, thanks to water cooling

A PS5 barely 2 cm thick? It is possible, thanks to water cooling

Thick and bulky, the PlayStation 5 can become thin and discreet… provided that it is drastically modified to adapt a watercooling circuit. An ambitious modification, attempted and successful by the DIY Perks YouTube channel.

Who says the PlayStation 5 can’t lose weight? // Source: DIY Perks – YouTube

If you managed to buy one, your playstation5 is now probably cluttering up your TV cabinet… or showing off its imposing monolithic figure right next to it. Resolved not to wait for sony launches a Slim version (more slender, but which is not immediately relevant), the YouTuber of the DIY Perks channel has embarked on a project of extreme slimming of the console to make it fit into a case barely 2 cm thick.

The result is impressive… but so is the degree of modification required. Because to achieve this, the YouTuber installed, and modified by hand, a watercooling system taken from the PC world.

A modification that you will find difficult to reproduce at home…

After having completely dismantled the console to keep only the motherboard, the person concerned had to unsolder the power connector to superimpose several copper plates on the circuits of the PS5. The latter, coupled with a waterblock pressed against the SoC and recut manually, allowed the installation of a functional and even devilishly efficient watercooling device. On Horizon Forbidden Westthe PS5 thus customized managed to stay cool with only 45 degrees in play, against 75 degrees with the original dissipation system on the same title.

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The other side of the coin, because there is necessarily one when you want to limit yourself to a 2 cm thick case: the water cooling radiator (allowing to cool the water that passes through the water block) and the block of power supply had to be housed in a long secondary box, designed to be housed in the back of a TV cabinet… and therefore be “invisible”.

Surely stunning, this modification of the PlayStation 5 remains particularly difficult to replicate. In addition to the hefty budget it takes to put together the required components, equipment and a good deal of know-how are required for the operation. An operation that can also lead to major failures of the console if it is not carried out according to the rules of the art… or if something unexpected happens, like at the end of the video.

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